The Star Struck Knitter

This week, I'm hanging out with the Big Boys - metaphorically speaking. Actually, most of them are women.

Tomorrow morning, I'll have the privilege of taking a knitting class from renowned knitter, Lucy Neatby at the Woolie Ewe yarn store in Plano. Lucy has a fantastic reputation and I am very excited to get to spend three hours actually knitting. And learning something new. The class is called "Ambidexterous Knitting" which I take to mean using both hands and doing colorwork. Colorwork is something I've not tackled yet -- I love the little bit of lace and cables I've done, so now it's time to try color. Should be tons of fun. I have my homework done (pictured): 90 stitches and 4 rounds of garter on a 16" size 6 needle. Looks like the beginning of a baby hat?!

Then, I've really decided to go to the big party in Maryland on Saturday night. This is turning out to be what I'm anticipating most about the trip. My pal Susie Gibbs will be there and has promised to introduce me and our CSA at the party -whoa. (Verclempt!) Plus the Ravelry Trio will be there: Casey, Jess and Mary-Heather.... plus lots of knitters and designers I recognize from Ravelry: Ysolda (cool hats!), Svetlana of the incredible-sweater-a-month blog... and others. It occurred to me just in time to send a door prize on ahead for the party and get some sweet PR! And now I think I'd better spend a couple of hours printing up some home-made business cards and postcards to give out wherever I go this weekend. Dude. I'm going to be walking around that place like a nine-year old backstage at a Miley Cyrus concert.

One interesting difference: my heroes are all 20 years younger than me. Sigh. Well, I might be slow, but I'm worth waiting for ;-). And I'm not too old to learn something new.


  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Have enough fun for us all!

  2. I love it! You're a real knitting groupie, and you've got me, following you around, only I can't go and that makes me sad. The day is coming, I'm sure!PLEASE charge your camera batteries and take too many photos...Have a blast!


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