Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick...

The clock is ticking toward the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I leave Friday morning and there are still a million or so things to do and nail down before I go. They'll just have to wait a couple of minutes...

This morning's "Ambidexterous Knitting" class with Lucy Neatby was a blast. I think I mentioned how hard it is to get a few minutes to sit quietly and knit anymore. Anyone else have that problem? Ahhhh, what fun to sit with a bunch of great knitters and tackle new challenges. (I got to sit next to Rockstar Tasha and commiserate over the sticky bits.) Because this past year I almost completely converted to Continental-style knitting, the class wasn't too tough, and I enjoyed the process. Lucy is simply delightful - I could have learned from her for days. Alas, I didn't have days to devote. But I got a great handout, so if I forget what we went over quickly today, I have notes to refer to. Lucy has a fantastic bunch of teaching DVDs available.... but, alas, baby needs a new stretch of fence.

OK - I need a trumpet fanfare please: Let's all jump up and welcome our newest shareholder Jenny, from Seattle! Tum-ta-da!!! Welcome, Jenny! We're delighted to share our fiber harvest and our farm fun with you!
Friends, you are involved with a very exciting new kind of agricultural commerce. In this farming model, none of us is strictly a consumer - we are all producers, and we grow in community and fellowship at the same time that we enjoy a fiber product. Value is not just measured in dollars and ounces; it's measured in connected friends, and in peace of soul. Come out to the farm for our next event and see for yourself.


  1. Enjoy yourself in Maryland!

  2. Class was so fun - I am glad I got to see you!



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