Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick...

The clock is ticking toward the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I leave Friday morning and there are still a million or so things to do and nail down before I go. They'll just have to wait a couple of minutes...

This morning's "Ambidexterous Knitting" class with Lucy Neatby was a blast. I think I mentioned how hard it is to get a few minutes to sit quietly and knit anymore. Anyone else have that problem? Ahhhh, what fun to sit with a bunch of great knitters and tackle new challenges. (I got to sit next to Rockstar Tasha and commiserate over the sticky bits.) Because this past year I almost completely converted to Continental-style knitting, the class wasn't too tough, and I enjoyed the process. Lucy is simply delightful - I could have learned from her for days. Alas, I didn't have days to devote. But I got a great handout, so if I forget what we went over quickly today, I have notes to refer to. Lucy has a fantastic bunch of teaching DVDs available.... but, alas, baby needs a new stretch of fence.

OK - I need a trumpet fanfare please: Let's all jump up and welcome our newest shareholder Jenny, from Seattle! Tum-ta-da!!! Welcome, Jenny! We're delighted to share our fiber harvest and our farm fun with you!
Friends, you are involved with a very exciting new kind of agricultural commerce. In this farming model, none of us is strictly a consumer - we are all producers, and we grow in community and fellowship at the same time that we enjoy a fiber product. Value is not just measured in dollars and ounces; it's measured in connected friends, and in peace of soul. Come out to the farm for our next event and see for yourself.


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Enjoy yourself in Maryland!

  2. Class was so fun - I am glad I got to see you!



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