Too Much Nature

I wrestled with whether or not to write about today's big excitement, for fear no one would ever come back to the farm. But I've decided in the interest of full disclosure to let you know that today when I let the coop chickens out, and began to gather up the eggs, that I found a POACHER in the nest. Yes. A big o' rat snake was trying to eat one of my eggs. Not a venomous snake, but still. Wrong place - wrong time.

Now, as much as I appreciate everyone's role in the food web, this snake was in MY food web, and I just can't stand for that. I ran and grabbed a flat shovel and tried to, um, (trying to be sensitive to my readers...) permanently immobilize him. My efforts were less than satisfactory so I pulled my phone out of my pocket with one hand while pinning the snake in the nest box with the shovel with my other hand. I called Emma on the land line in the house and had her come help me get better tools. I will spare you the blow by blow, but it was pretty exciting. Heart pumping, lots of adrenaline. Emma was pretty grossed out, but she hung tough. We won in the end, except I broke two eggs in the effort. Grrr.

So now, gentle reader, friend of the farm, be assured that when you come to Jacob's Reward, nothing will cross your path that I won't be willing to jump up and protect you from it. I have sharp tools, and I'm not afraid to use them. Just call me Indiana Telisak.
BTW, did you know snakes smell really wretched? P.U.


  1. NOW, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT! Telisak Rat Snake Roundup. MANNNN, I'm sorry I missed it. I woulda grabbed the nearest stick and helped, or better yet, I'da grabbed the snake! See, if you'da let him swaller the first egg, then grab him when his mouth is full, you'da only lost 1! yep. I growed up with Rattlers... Great pictures, and great fun! I feel safer now, just knowin'...

  2. About that smell....Corey's pet snake decided to use my nice covers for his potty while we were holding him one night,(long ago), and yep, decaying flesh in the belly of a snake "don't smell too perty!"

  3. Whoa, that IS a big ol' snake! I'd be right in there with Laurie helping you "immobilize" him -- snakes don't bug me at all (spiders, on the other hand . . . ). Though I don't think I'd pull a Jeff Corwin and grab it by the tail or anything.

    And yeah, snakes are STINKY!

  4. Anonymous10:11 AM

    That is a good sized rat snake! I'm impressed with your heroic efforts! Way to go!

  5. Anonymous10:13 AM

    O-M-G! Snakes are so creepy! Snakes are a great reason to keep cats. The only snakes I see are the itty-bitty ones the cats occasionally bring in the house to play with, and they're dead before long. Cat play can be a little rough.

    When my mom and dad moved to the country, my dad (a retired police officer) had his own special way of dealing with snakes that involved bullets. He never missed.

    My mom would occasionally try to run one over with the riding lawnmower, but they had sandy soil and the snake usually just sank down in the sand. She would pin the snake and go get a hoe.

    Remember Girl Scouts? When we were camping, we were taught that if we saw a snake we were supposed to yell, "Hoe!" Nowadays I'm not sure anyone would understand that quite the same way.

    Girl, I don't know which I find more surprising -- you wrestling with a rat snake or the fact that Laurie can tell you the secrets of snake wrangling!

  6. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Oh Yeah! Been there done that! And you're right, the adrenaline does pump. I'm impressed you got a picture first! The comments are funny. Neil has used both methods - grabbing it by the tail or shooting it. When left to deal by myself, I went with yours - garden tools.

    Oh, and almost every time there was another hanging around somewhere. All part of the farm experience!


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