A Very Good Friday

Good Friday can be kind of a tough day for us Christians. We have the opportunity to take an unveiled look at the grisly reality of crucifixion. The couragous among us dare to own up to our part in that horrendous act. Every one of our sins nailed Jesus to the cross. It's human nature to want to skip this painful part and move right into the staggering delight of the resurrection. But, ask any woman who has had a baby - there is labor before birth. The valley of the shadow of death. Into the glorious brightness of dawn.

Tomorrow morning, Jacob's Reward Farm begins to celebrate that resurrection. I'm delighted to report that we are expecting more than 20 kids, both from our church family and also folks who saw our listing on Local Harvest, and RSVP'd. The weather is supposed to cooperate and smile on us as we hunt eggs, eat candy and cookies, and sip juice in the dappled shade. I'm making little coloring booklets for the kids, and I bought bubbles for everyone. Big fun. I'll share pictures in tomorrow's post.
Because of all the hoopla over our Easter Egg Hunt, I've not even given a thought to our family's Easter lunch. (Try not to be shocked.) Not sure if there's time to thaw some of the lamb we put in the freezer last fall... it's worth a try. So far I've not messed up a lamb roast.
In other farm news, the bottle-babies are growing by leaps and bounds. We've got our feeding routine down now, and it doesn't take much time for them to gulp down 16 oz. of lamb milk replacer. They've gone through the better part of a 50 lb bag of alfalfa pellets in the month they've been here. Itzhak's ear tag piercing wasn't healing well at all, and I wasn't having much luck trying to treat it, so Ted cut the tag off for me. In just a few days, it has begun to heal beautifully. He may spend his days untagged. If he's the only one without a tag, that's as good as BEING tagged, right?
We're inching toward getting fleece ready for the processor. Several more alpaca fleeces to skirt, and the sheep wool to shear yet. Next week I'll be working at a friend's house to make Jacob/alpaca batts to take to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in 3 weeks. Wow, that's coming up fast!
Lastly, the farm got a quick mention in a good article on local farmers in the Dallas Morning News. We're in the 8th paragraph from the end, but do read it all here. Thanks to DMN writer, Roy Appleton, for the nod.

And thanks for reading - this is my 100th post to this blog. Toot!


  1. lovely little lamb, enjoy the celebrations on easter sunday!


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