We're a Go for Shearing Tomorrow!

The weather held. At least for the moment. This IS Texas, and anything could happen between now and 9 AM tomorrow, but right now, I'm going to go out on a limb and say - let's do it. The poor sheep have really been acting uncomfortable in this week's unseasonable heat. It's time to free them from the WOOL!

The photo here is of my hand shears, which I used exclusively the first year I sheared the two Jacobs. But last year when I knew I also had the three Suffolk cross ewes, I knew the hand shears just wouldn't, uh, cut it. (Sorry.) So I have invested in a set of electric shears which should make a decent morning's work out of de-fleecing our four wooly boys.

I'll set up the skirting table and maybe we can make a bunch of progress getting those fleeces ready to wash. There's no reason we can't get that stuff a lot cleaner before it goes off to the processor.

The Red Barn is in its usual state of flux - the floor is covered with bags of alpaca fleece, plus bags of the beautiful batts I carded this past week, all ready to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend. I did take a few batts and some alpaca yarn to the DFW Fiber Fest, so if you plan on going, you might check out the Fiber Circle booth at the end of the hall to see the fiber I'm talking about. I dropped by there shortly today and ran into so many fiber friends from around the state: Deb Sharp from the TX Fiber Mill, Suzanne Correira from Fire Ant Ranch, Troy Ogilve and his wife who raise gorgeous alpacas, lots of friends from the Wildflower Fiber Retreat... it's always Old Home Week. In a regrettable but predictable impulse moment, I grabbed 7 balls of yarn off the $2 table while I was at DFW. Is there a vaccination for this problem I have? Jeepers.

So, back to tomorrow. If we have time and energy after shearing, there are a few odd jobs we might tackle, or, we might retire to the RB (Red Barn) for some AC, coffee, and knitting. Who knows. Be ready for anything.

Must sign off now so I get enough sleep to get up and dressed before you guys pull up to the house tomorrow! Smack!


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