What Will They Think of Next?

Every week I get Clara Parkes' Knitter's Review, where she thoroughly checks out new yarns and the hottest new thangs in knitting. This week, she really hit the jackpot... er, litter box. Click here to see for yourself. Hint: Smokey may have a new job description here at the farm...

Also new: my glasses. I haven't had a new prescription in five years. Goodness - the adjustment may take a while. I'm tripping over my feet and nodding my head up and down looking for the right spot to see far away. These progressive lenses keep you guessing a bit. I'm sure I'll be fine in a couple of days. And hopefully, these frames look a tiny bit hipper than my old ones. Without drawing undue attention to themselves. I've had them on since 2 PM and no one seems to have noticed. Maybe that's a good thing.
In farm news, I've moved the twins' feedings to three times a day, two bottles each. Amazing - I don't know where they put it! They down those bottles like frat boys on Spring Break. Their little tummies do bulge out when they're finished, and I'm happy that they have lots of calories to get them to the next feeding. The weather has cooperated so far since the cold snap, and they seem quite content in their little pen. Their little wooly coats are actually growing! What are the chances that their adult fleeces will stay this baby-butt soft? We can only hope...

Did you figure out that the article I linked to above was my one stab at an April Fool's joke? Clara really had me going when I read it the first time, so I thought I should just pass the joy along! In other April Fool's news: my sister turned 50 today. Neener, neener, neener. If I had to do it, Lisa, so do you!


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