Biological Warfare

Today, I unleashed the power of Nature to help me solve a farm problem. Go Mom Nature.

The flies have gotten really awful around here, and so I have engaged a three-prong offensive to combat the nasty little creeps: fly attractants, sticky traps, and my new weapon, itty-bitty wasps that predate fly larvae. Oh yeah. These have been recommended by several of my friends who swear by them. So I ordered a double batch of fly predator wasps (they don't sting) and have been waiting a day or so for them to start hatching in their package before putting them out around the farm. The fly predators are actually really, really small - like ants with wings. They don't bother people or other animals. Very cool.

Because of our free range chickens, they suggest putting them up in bags around the places where flies lay their eggs, so that the chickens don't eat the warriors before they can do their jobs. I invented these brown paper bags with holes in them to put out around the farm, hung up higher than the chickens will look for food. Of course, just leaving the bags open does the same thing, but doesn't look as rad. The idea is that the little waspies will hatch out of their cocoon things, and emerge looking for fly larvae to lay their own eggs IN. Ouch. This has a negative effect on the fly larvae's ability to survive to adulthood. YAY!

They say it will take 30 days to see any result. So somebody start the clock.


  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    We love our fly predators! However, we're going to back off on the number of fly TRAPS we put out. They are so full that I've come to the conclusion that the stink is attracting flies from other people's yards. There are more flies in the traps than I've ever seen in our yard!


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