Busy Day at the Farm, and a New Winner

So you won't have to wait another minute, (fanfare...) The RNG (random number generator) says Rita is the winner of the three knitting buttons I brought back from Maryland! Congratulations, Rita, they're coming your way! Wear them in good health and good knitting!

But you know, I think I am the real winner - what wonderful stories you all had about how you started knitting and spinning! Isn't it an amazing road we travelled to get to this point in our lives? Who would have guessed? I'm very inspired by you. Thank you so much for sharing those great stories from your hearts.

I just wanted to share a couple of pieces of news from the farm before we get to tonight's giveaway. First, it seems our sheepies have picked up a few too many stomach worms and need a little medicine to get rid of them. That means giving each sheep some stuff to drink that they'd rather not drink after measuring it into a large syringe. So I enlisted the help of shareholder Chris, who has laboratory experience. With skill and efficiency of movement, we turned it into a very simple operation, dosing each sheep. In fact, Shadrach thought I'd brought out Margaritas and he chugged his down and asked for more. What an.... interesting sheep. The other sheep put up appropriate protestations, but did not hold grudges - we are still good friends.

Second, I found another legless reptile in the chicken coop nest box, who was dispatched with speed and humanity by Ted and me. If you want to see the "after" picture, click on this link. I won't make you look at it unless you want to. You'd be proud - I didn't even get an adrenaline rush this time. Just killed the durn thing. If you look at the picture, you'll see that he got my egg. Grrr.

OK, enough chit chat. Tonight we're giving away a cool "Knit Nut" visor, perfect for wearing to outdoor knit sessions like last Saturday here at the farm. Also perfect vacation wear to remind you of how to spend your leisure minutes. It comes in black (pictured) or hot pink. If you win, I'll ask you for your preference.

"How do I win that fabulous visor," you may ask? Easy. Just leave a comment below, and tell us whether you knit Continental style, English (throwing) or some unique combination. There's no RIGHT way to knit, despite book titles to the contrary, and each style has its strengths and weaknesses. Which do you like and why? Do you ever switch?

Thanks so much for all your sharing. That's how we become Knit Sisters!


  1. This is an awesome question and something that I love to talk about. I don't have any real life knitting friends so this is great. :)

    I knit Continental style. I've always done things oddly. I'm right handed, but I would favor my left hand during certain activities when I was a kid. I played basketball with my left hand. So it just sort of felt natural to do start Continental. It feels very organic and smooth. I was shocked to find out that lots of people don't knit that way. I'm learning from Debbie Stoller's book and she's so encouraging of both styles.

  2. Don't count this as an entry, ok, since I already won a prize!

    I knit both English and Continental, depending on the situation . . . my Continental purls are wonky and a different gauge from the knits, so I usually reserve that for stockinette in the round, and then I knit English style for flat stockinette or any ribbing.

    Also, that snake!! The first thing I thought when I saw the pic was, "Uh-oh, he's just eaten!". Hopefully that made him sluggish and easy to dispatch.

  3. I knit Modified Combined Left Handed. This is like continental, but for purl stitches, the stitch ends up twisted, then you untwist when you knit back.

    Sometimes I knit Portuguese style which is very easy on your hands.

  4. Yum! Tastes like bananas!! Or at least the stuff that you give dogs to rid them of those nasty worms!!! I know...because I was challenged to taste it when I worked at the Vet clinic!!
    I knit English. I truely want to gain strength in Continental style, but I am very challenged when doing anything with my left hand! When I watch others knitting like that, I am truely amazed how simple it looks until I try my hand at it!!

  5. I learned to continental knit when i was a teenager . . . my boyfriend's mother was from Germany and taught me to actually make a garment.


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