Company's Coming!

There's nothing like the prospect of special guests to give me fresh motivation to tackle pesky jobs around the farm--especially ones that help make the place look a little more tidy and happy.

One of those jobs I've had in mind for several months now has finally come to the top of the to-do list: cleaning out the front chicken coop and lining the bottom edge with corrugated metal. The metal will serve several purposes. It will lessen the rain splashing in on the wood shaving floor. It will keep those wood shavings from spilling out into the yard. And most importantly, it will keep raccoon hands from reaching through the chain link and grabbing a comatose, sleeping chicken and (violent content edited).

I don't know why, but for months after I moved the young pullets into that nice coop, they insisted on sleeping in a pile right up against the chain link. I lost a couple of chickens before I realized the problem and blocked the dumb clucks from the predators. I blocked them with a tarp, which has deteriorated over the past several months and looked just plain trashy. It was time for a better-looking, more permanent solution. Laurie helped me cut the metal a couple of weeks ago and now I'm finally getting to the metal installation, and the replacement of the yukky old shavings with fluffy new shavings. That means shoveling the wet, heavy stuff into my trusty green wagon and dragging it to the nearest compost pile in the sheep pen. (The sheep are very curious and oh, so helpful.) I started late in the day, so it isn't completely finished, but the lion's share is done, and I'll be motivated to finish the job tomorrow. Whew. One job down. I'm not ready to face the carport or the back porch just yet.

I also wanted to give you a little preview of some of the swag I'm pulling together for the party on Saturday. We are really going to have us some Texas-sized fun.
And you ain't seen nothin' yet!


  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Saweet!!! I am prolly gonna have to get some roving now...oh yea and learn how to spin... :)


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