Gardening for the Stout of Heart

I had planned on spending some time in the garden this morning, but internet duties kept me inside until the weather was less-than-hospitable. But I trudged out to at least put a small dent in reclaiming the garden from the weeds, vines and third-generation zinnias which were sinking their roots deeper and deeper into my soil, only to find that my biggest obstacle was a swarm of busy insects. Yes, honeybees were everywhere - busy working the buds on a couple of vines that have sprouted up and developed quite a territory all over my garden fencing. Well. It was clear that the best use of my time today in the hot sun would be cutting the trunks of those vines, allowing them to wilt in the heat, and coming back tomorrow after the bees have moved on to choicer fruit.

I think tomorrow morning before church I will give the garden a good watering, and then in the afternoon I'll come back and yank down the vines that will surely have loosened their grip on the fence. It will be a lot easier to see what I'm doing when I can get rid of that stuff. And hopefully, the watering will make it easier to lift the weeds up out of the soil. We have not walked on that soil very much so it should still be fairly loose. This neglected garden doesn't need a tending so much as it needs a healthy bit of demolition, and I can't do that with all these bees around.

Now, don't get me wrong - I love bees. Bees are vital to gardening, and usually I don't bother them if I can help it. We live together in harmony. In fact, we're talking to a shareholder about putting a hive or two up in the north pasture for honey, and to aid anyone around here in the pollination of their crops.

But there's a time and place for everything, and for the time being, these bees need to move on. When we get the dye plants in, they can come back and have at it, with my blessing.


  1. Well, my dad bought himself a hive and some bees. They all flew away... So I'll see what he did and get back to you. LOL
    I asked him one day, "Dad how are your bees?" He said, "I don't know. They ran away." *head shake, big laugh* Oh my dad and his wild adventures. :)
    He did breed Walking Stick bugs with success. They got out of their cage and were all over the house. He's still finding them. I think he should stay away from bugs. lol

    Thanks for sharing. :) Dye plants, fun, what kind?

  2. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I hope to have some bee hives also one day! I had planned to put some in here at the suburban farm, and had even planted an area of native grasses and native wildflowers that I had hoped they would find attractive. No point now that we're moving. Whoever buys our house will at least get to enjoy the flowers and easy care grasses!

  3. Good idea to run off the bees if you want much help from little old me in that soon-to-be dye garden! I love bees, too, but not on me! (The jelly-fish sting is about all I can take for awhile...) By the way, do you mind if I come pull a few weeds soon? I'm fresh out.

  4. Hey, BirthdayGirl - what are you doing today around 3-4 PM? (let the sun slide down a little.) I've loosened up the weeds with some water, and now I distinctly hear them calling you - and me.

  5. Yay for bees!! But yeah, they can certainly hamper your gardening efforts . . .

    We were out working in the yard this morning, and it wasn't too terribly hot yet. Mainly we were doing some fence repair and trash gathering, but I did manage to plant the herb container (big galvanized tub) that I've been meaning to do since (gulp) last year.

    Is it Laurie's birthday??!! Tell her happy happy for me! Also, if she wants a Weed Workout after yours, I have some bermuda grass in my front flower beds that she's welcome to come pull out! ;)


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