The Girls Have Been Very Busy

This never happens. I have 15 dozen eggs ready to go to their new homes! Ted and Emma dutifully collected eggs the whole time I was in Maryland, but they were not in charge of selling them, so they have literally piled up on the kitchen counter. (They can go a week without refrigeration if need be.) So I'll need to put out the call among my regular customers, that the supply has for once, caught up with demand.

In other news, I tried very hard to produce my first podcast this evening... Emma was off with a friend for the evening, and Ted was coming home late from a meeting in Houston. However, the learning curve with Audacity was steeper than I could manage in the given time frame. Plus, the software "encountered a problem and must close." Noooooooo! I lost about 28 minutes of audio brilliance (you'll have to trust me here) and then I lost my momentum. But I will get back at it, hopefully tomorrow. I was going to tell you all the fascinating tales of Maryland Sheep and Wool, but I think we've all heard most of what was interesting to tell. Let's move on, shall we? And this time, I'll give the file a name before I start.

OK, one more picture on the subject of Maryland Sheep & Wool. I'll own up to my purchases. I think I exercised some serious restraint, considering what I could have brought home. But I had a ton of room in my suitcase caused by selling all that fiber, so I had to fill it with something! (Not pictured: a MDS&W t-shirt and a sweatshirt. It got cold - what could I do?) Pictured are a MDS&W apron and ball cap, two skeins of Debbie Bliss bulky tweed yarn (40% off!), a precious skein of Bijou Spun alpaca and yak blend, some soaps from Maggie's Farm, some handpainted roving to practice my Navajo plying from Gale's Art, some coned Jacob yarn from my friend Joan, and a bunch of funny pins that I brought back for my spinning buddies who never get to come to MD. That'll keep me occupied for about - hey, look! Shiny foil! Oops, what were we talking about?


  1. goodie, she is back! now to pickle her brain!!!

  2. Glad you were willing to return! And who wouldn't, when you have such a dreamy, wonderland of a farm....? What a sweetheart you are, for bringing us Maryland gifts! I look forward to eating the best eggs laid by real chickens, while listening to your first podcast. You're amazing!

  3. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Hey Girlfriend! Love all the goodies. Can't wait to see! I use Audacity at school. Maybe I can help you out if need be! See you June 17th for spinning!


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