Giveaway Interrupted

I think I caught everyone on a busy weekend. There weren't many comments from folks who were eligible for the prize, so I think I'll make an executive decision and just hold these very special super cool earrings for another time. If you wanted to comment but didn't get a chance, keep watching - it will come around again! Thanks for everyone who has chimed in and shared some really cool stories.

Keep 'em coming! You all are the BEST!


  1. as a nonspinner, i would have felt guilty if i had entered and won.

  2. Ha! And by the time I longed in last night really really late....I thought it was too late to chime in so I didn't!! LOL! Ok...I will be watching! :^)

  3. I am going to be watching I kept trying to post but couldn't :( Love them

  4. I love my pair, and yes, it has been busy! Thanks for all the freebies, and thanks for the tease!!


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