Here's the Skinny on the 23rd

Who: Friends of Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm and Jacob's Reward Fiber Farm. And their friends.

What: Meet up, potluck lunch, dyeing demonstration, farm tour, fabulous prizes!!

When: Saturday, May 23rd, 10 AM to 2 PM-ish, later if we want.

Where: Jacob's Reward Farm, 4308 Church Lane, Parker, TX 75002. Google Map here:

Why: Get real!

If you get lost, call my cell: two one four, two eight four, nine two one eight.

What you might consider bringing:
A dish to share, a chair to sit on (I have precious few), your spinning wheel, your knitting or crochet, your camera, sun screen, hat, business cards, photos of the kids... Wear your Ravelry button if you have one. There will be nametags to help us connect names and faces.

I'll have soft drinks, tea and coffee available, paper products and cutlery. I have WiFi for you bloggers on the go. What I don't have is a great septic system. We need to be kind of gentle with that if we can. Some day I hope to have port-a-potties available. When the farm goes Big Time.

Please park on the road and walk down the drive. That will give us space to hang out in the front yard.

So, if you didn't put a comment on yesterday's post RSVPing, please do so here. I'm going to use this list to get a rough idea how much stuff we'll need.

I'M SO EXCITED TO HAVE YOU ALL HERE! The sheep are practicing their curtsies.


  1. YAY! I am so excited to finally see your farm. I will be there along with my Mama and my sister. Thanks so much for putting all this together Cindy. You are a peach!

  2. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I will be there with my daughter Sierra. I am soo looking forward to meeting you, your farm, and all the other Ravelers!

  3. I will be there with bells on, with my friend Cheryl too!! I may have another friend coming but she is going to confirm with me and as soon as I know I will let you know.

  4. I plan to be there. Thanks Cindy! I'm looking forward to seeing your farm and meeting all the animals!


  5. Cindy, I'll be there and I'm bringing a friend with me. Looking forward to it!

  6. Modification to my "I plan to be there" post. I do plan to be there, but probably just until 12:30 or so. I completely forgot that I have a prior commitment and there's really no other time to reschedule. I'm still looking forward to spending the morning on the farm though, and seeing the animals!


  7. I am going to try to make it. It will all depend on the time of a little one's soccer game.

  8. I am coming and bringing my knitting buddy Sugi. Can't wait to see everyone!


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