I Turn My Back for Four Days....

... and I come home to the LaBrea Tar Pits! It really rained while I was gone to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! Ted and Emma had to move the Jacob sheep on Saturday night because their paddock flooded. Now they're over on the south side with the alpacas and donkeys, which is always a tricky feeding arrangement. But we'll sort it out.

The baby Gulf Coast sheep had pugged their little pen so badly that they were black half way up their bellies. And their backs and necks were muddy in places. As you can see.

After 8 hours of riding and flying to get home today, there was still a lot of work to do. I think Ted and Emma ran out of gas, after fighting all the rain over the last couple of days. So I made a trip to the feed store and got more hay loaded in, refilled waterers, and tried to tidy up around the place. Thankfully, my landscaping friend had been over to mow the yard, or foot tall grass might have put me over the edge.

I still have to unpack and get laundry done, and the week is well underway.

And you want to hear about Maryland? If you can wait till tomorrow, I'll make it worth your while...


  1. It seems to never fail that the weather here is awful during MSWF weekend!

    Also, I had almost forgotten that I have a lawnmower for you if you still want it.

  2. Poor little lambs! Looks like a real pigpen. I am glad they are OK and glad you are safely home.

    I bet Ted and Emma have a new appreciation for all you do.


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