I'm So Excited. And I Just Can't Hide It.

Okay, I've thought of everything I can think of and all those things are probably enough, and the party will be fantastic if I don't think of another thing. Now I should get some sleep so that I'll be able to enjoy everyone's company tomorrow.
I just can't get over the honor I've been given to have all these great ladies as my guests here at the farm.

From the beginning it was clear to me that though our names are on the tax rolls as the "owners" of this property, I've never felt like it was mine, in an absolute truth kind of way. This place was a gift to us, to manage and steward, for the benefit of others. After living here for four years, we are beginning to understand how others might reap some benefits. As I've said all along, this farm isn't about bargain yarn -- that's what Hobby Lobby is for. No, this farm is about love of the land, fresh air, open space, connection with friends, connection with animals, working with your hands, creating beautiful things out of natural resources, growing things out of the earth, expressing the creative passion in us that is imprinted on our DNA. It was intrusted to Ted and me, for you. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share it with you and to partner with you to make something beautiful on this spot.
Here's what it looked like just before we bought it:


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