Is it Christmas?

The goodies keep pouring in for the big weekend shindig with the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm shareholders, Susie Gibbs, and friends of Jacob's Reward Farm!

Today, I received 2 bottles of table wine vinted by my friend and neighbor Carolyn Khatter of Khatter Vineyards, to give away to lucky party-goers on Saturday. (If this is something interesting to you, Carolyn has regular wine tasting at her place every Saturday from noon to 5 PM.) She has a gorgeous home adjacent to the half-acre vineyard and fun tasting room and outdoor dining area. She'll serve you a selection of her wines with crackers and cheese, so that you can decide which of her wines to take home. And she's just down the road from me. We got to be friends when she commissioned me to make felted wine sleeves to sell in her little shop. I needle-felt a peacock, her logo, on the felted sleeves. So, thanks, Carolyn for the donations to our seriously fun party!

And what's that at the bottom of the picture? Let's zoom in.... Ahhhh, Jacob's Reward buttons! It seems buttons are the must-have swag accessory for all meet-ups, so we're prepared. They're free for the asking when you come to the farm.

Cleaning, organizing and decluttering continue here at the farm. It is spring, after all. How about you -- are you planning a big Memorial Day weekend?


  1. How great. I think a detour to the vineyard might be in order. Also, the buttons are perfect. Really looking forward to Saturday!

  2. Mary, are you feeling better?? Did the chicken soup kick in?? I hope so!

  3. After the last 24 hours, I'm really excited about Saturday morning! (I will have to locate the post with your address though...)

  4. Anna - google this: 4308 Church Lane, Parker (or Allen) TX 75002. It's super easy to get here.


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