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I can't stop giving stuff away. Tonight will be the last one for a while, but it's a doozie. And because it's so special, we'll take comments for two days. Leave a comment here before 10 PM Sunday night to enter the contest. In my hot little hands, I have a wonderful pair of sterling silver spinning wheel earrings with little blue topaz stones. These will really add some va-va-va-bling to your fiber ensemble. Good luck! Just tell me about some kind of knitting that has previously intimidated you, but that you feel inspired to tackle. Or maybe you just need a little encouragement to tackle? We're here for you! Your stories have all really touched me, and I'm sure they've touched others. Or tell us, if you'd like, about how you overcame your fear of some kind of knitting -- cables, color, lace? Then we'll all be encouraged by you. I can't wait.

But what about last night's yarn prize? The RNG says our winner is Peggy!! Congratulations Peggy - I think I have your address, so just sit back and wait for the mailman to bring you this really cool chenille yarn. And then let us know what you do with it! Well done - thanks for jumping in with us.

Now, before I sign off for tonight, I thought I'd share another picture from our Sheep Drenching (giving medicine) day this week. Here's Chris and the lamb she named: Eli. Little Eli is quite the pocket sheep, the smallest of the bunch, very vocal, and not overly shy. He has the most color of all the Gulf Coast Natives, with faded red splotches on his legs, face, and even a little in his fleece. When all the sheep gather around the hay trough to push and jockey for a good spot, Eli jumps INTO the trough, lies down, and eats at a leisurely pace. He lives the life of Riley.

Have a great Saturday, friends. Much love from the Farm. I'm going to dig in the garden tomorrow, God willing.


  1. Learning knitting & crocheting were difficult for me period. I was going through Post Partum Depression after a really sick and rough pregnancy with my beautiful little AJ. I couldn't get through my days without bawling and feeling hopeless. It was SO hard and sad. I got through it by drinking ONE glass of wine and getting out Debbie Stoller books & needles/hooks. I can tell you, it absolutely got me through one of the darkest points of my life. Fiber arts has been my healing.

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Awesome picture of Eli and Chris!
    I'm going to spare you all my stories of knitting and let you all vy for the earrings as I am not a spinner and wouldn't appreciate them the way they should be loved and treasured. I look forward to reading your stories :)

  3. Ooooh, love the picture!

    As for knitting, I'm not sure I'm really intimidated by much except for maybe the socks that I can't spell the name of (Potamotous? Pomatamus? Hippopotamus?) . . . I've had the yarn for ages, the pattern printed and everything together with needles, but have yet to cast on.

    Also, intricate lace shawls kind of scare me.

  4. Ah, Suzy - just one correction. "I am not a spinner *YET..."

    Just you wait.

  5. something in wrong! i am a follower so what am i not getting posting! not right! and i am a share holder too. just because i am grounded is not excuse!

    you and susie need to put the text we need to add your button ids to our blogs (i have been working on my blog for a week)...it is getting better.


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