Mini Sock-Blocker Keychain Giveaway!

I mentioned yesterday that I neglected to give away all the prizes at the Fiber Farm Meet-Up, and I really feel bad about that, so the giveaways will continue here on the blog for a couple of days. Ok with you?

Tonight we have a darling keychain made in the shape of a sock blocker, and pattern for a tiny sock that will fit right on it. My friend Jill made one for me, so I know how cute it is when it's done up.

To win this little guy, just leave a comment below, telling me your favorite fiber activity for when the weather is blowtorch hot out. Do you switch to cotton yarn? Crank up the AC? Knit in the pool? If you have a secret to enjoying wool and mohair in the dead of summer, share it with us all. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on the blog tomorrow night. Entries will be accepted until 10 PM Monday.

Let the prizes begin...


  1. In the summer, I do more washing and dying since there are nice warm days to help with the drying... I also spend the day in a wet swim suit and cover dress, sitting in the a.c. under the ceiling fan so I can spin and knit whatever I want. Baseball games require smaller projects, or cotton washcloths. I'll probably remember more in a few weeks *.*

  2. Let's see, let's see...I'm new to all of this so I don't know yet. However, I can see myself making lots of gifts out of wool & alpaca for my family in Christmas. I think that my mission this summer will be to be finding fiber as close to me as possible. I envision much skirting & scouring happening in my washing machine. I really enjoyed the process of cleaning my first fleece, so I want to focus on that this summer.
    I just got a new swimsuit that is the coolest one I've ever found, so I imagine I will actually sit at the pool and do some knitting this summer. Probably not in the I'm not there yet. Gotta get some sun on these pale, always-hidden-in-the-craftroom legs. Loving the blog, it's always a treat to see a new post. :)

  3. Up until 2 years ago, my secret was that I stopped knitting in the summer. I really didn't like doing that though, so the last two years, I've tried using cotton. However, I've found that my fingers and hands don't really like cotton all that much. Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton and Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton (which doesn't make a lot of sense really, does it?!?) are about the only ones I can knit with. 2009 is the year of the sock for me, so I think this summer I will be knitting a lot of toe-up socks. Small projects secret to knitting all summer while trying to survive our hot summer months. Oh, and drinking ice cold cokes while knitting and sitting in front of the fan helps too.

  4. When it's hot out, I spin and knit cotton! Joanne posted photos on her blog. I'm so glad my little alter ego, MiniD, was invited by Jojo. We must've had a wonderful time.

  5. Afternoon,

    I knit shawls, socks/bed socks for the nursing homes ekderly and always have KIPs and extra yarn in my pockets. Never to hot to give back far more than I want to receive!

    Thank you for caring about all of us.


  6. Spring/summer knitting for me consists of more socks to store up for the winter, but also lacy things. I like to knit things out of silk or bamboo blends; things that feel cool to the touch. I've also decided to give a knitted cotton tank a try for this summer. Hope it won't be too warm to wear!!!

  7. As I live in an un-air conditioned apartment I have been looking for ways to stay cool while knitting. I found a few, some more creative than others. The first is simply a fan. I found a great tower fan that is a space saver and energy efficient, and I can set it to blow right on me while I sit by an open window enjoying the small breezes, so I have air on both sides of me. I also pin my knitting to make it as small as possible, as it is very warm. I just take a stitch holder and pin it in the middle once its all folded up. I also like putting a cold, wet towel over my feet as I knit, as your feet adjust most of your body temp. I also discovered that I can draw up a cool bath and place a small table next to the tub and knit on that, so long as I'm careful not to get it wet. :)

  8. I just keep on doing what I always do; but I find myself washing my hands a lot. Of course, small projects are better than big ones that cover you up. A/c is always a plus, too.


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