No More Wagering, We Have a Winner!

Wow, Ladies! Thanks to all of you who kindly offered suggestions about how to deal with hot weather knitting. I'm going to take several of those ideas to heart. Like right now.

OK, using my early 20th century random number generator (pictured), GrandmaTutu came up the winner tonight! Yay! Grandma - your prize will be winging its way to you in the morning. Just add sock yarn and teensy-weensy needles! Hope you enjoy it!

Tonight I'm upping the ante a little. Our prize tonight is a pattern for a really nice baby hat in a soft periwinkle colored yarn from Classic Elite. That's right, in addition to the cool cabled pattern, you'll receive 2 balls of Classic Elite "Summer Set" which is a blend of cotton, alpaca, polyester and lyocel.... very soft.

All you have to do is leave a comment here and tell us if you're a "product" person or a "process" person, and how that plays out in your life. I'm fascinated by the differences in people's experience and satisfaction sources. Do you knit yards of stockinette just to keep your hands busy, or do you only start projects to finish them and move on? Do you love to wash and pick fleece by the hour, or are you allergic to hand cards and demand combed top? Tell us all about your creative urgings and demands.

Again, comment to your heart's delight until 10 PM Tuesday. And remember, there's more where this came from!


  1. I've been told I'm a process person, but the process always turns out product in my experience. Must keep my hands busy, and I do start lots of projects; but I eventually finish them. Thou shalt have lots of "things" going for all the different moods that call for knitting and spinning and crocheting... Today, I picked alpaca and washed wool all day long while I watched lots of Memorial Day Programs. I love it when I get a day off!

  2. I think I'm a bit of both, but lean more towards the "process" end of things . . . especially with spinning (I've never knit with any of my handspun, for example!). The flip side of this is that I usually don't have too many knitting projects going at once, and almost always finish what I've started.

  3. I think I must be a process person. I like for each project I do to have some sort of a new twist. I don't like exact repeats of something I have already done or know how to do.

    I do limit my projects in progress though so that I finish something. Otherwise I probably would never finish anything since I would want to go on to the next thing I had never done.

    I do have to keep my hands busy and I usually have several things going knitting, spinning, dyeing, weaving, machine knitting - but usually only one of each.

    I spent Memorial Day playing in my Fiber Reactive dyes. I have nothing to show but some dyed small samples, but I am feeling a bit more comfortable with them.

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I seem to alternate between product and process. Sometimes I'll see something gorgeous that I just have to have, regardless of how many feet of mind-numbing stockinette it contains. :P Other times I want to try something new.

    Right now I'm trying to convince myself that I do. NOT. have room for raw fleeces or dye pots. Or a spinning wheel. But I could use a few more spindles.

    Also telling myself I can't afford more yarn for that gorgeous summer tank pattern that I can't knit because it's written in French (I took French in high school...but they didn't teach me knitting French).

    See? :P


  5. Guess I'm a process person. Glad you asked that question - it's given me some serious moments of thought, since I'd never defined myself in those terms. :)

    Love to start AND finish projects, usually have 3 - 5 going at any particular time, just so I can have something different to choose from.

    Just been knitting since January 1st, but love to charity knit. I was keeping track for a while, but when I hit 100 I finally gave up counting how many hats and booties I've sent off to the local hospital.

  6. Well I believe that I am a process person, but you have to have products to do the processes! Life is a circle of events!

  7. I definitely feel like I've become a process person. Each craft I've picked up, I become more interested in the construction of the materials. I've found myself in the store picking apart apparel and deciding that I could do it myself.

    When I first started this spinning adventure, I went nuts making CD drop spindles. I had more fun with that than the spinning for a while. :)

  8. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I love the process but am definately a product person...... !

  9. Get outa here . . . thank you so much!!! This is adorable and I'm so glad I won it. Thank you!


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