Reaping a Harvest

So far this year, we've focused quite a bit on the animals: getting to know them and learning about their care. Lately, we've gotten to spend a lot of wonderful time getting to know each other and spread the word about the incredible CSA model. What with the Meet Up a week away and all, it's about the only thing on my mind.

But I was reminded that at the center of all this joy and hilarity and community goodness is the fruit of our labor: the fiber harvest itself. Now, I've had a shareholder describe the fiber as "icing on the cake" of the CSA experience, and that's really a dear thing for me to hear, but it's important icing. Imagine a wedding cake minus that gorgeous melt-in-your-mouth buttercream icing you almost want to rub in your hair! I rest my case.

So tonight I want to remind you -- the fiber's coming. We've been working in the background doing skirting and washing so that soon, all the alpaca fiber and sheep wool will be ready to send off to Lynn at Spinderellas, so that she can work her magic. We have several colors of alpaca, and both dark and light wool. I think what I'll do is offer the shareholders a few options for the final blend and mix of our fibers, so that the roving we get back will be varied, but not broken into too many blends, so that we can actually MAKE something with the final product. I'll ask for a vote from the shareholders, and the Mix/Match option that gets the most votes will be the one we send to the mill.

Then we need to get spinning. If you are in need of a spinning lesson, let's get you going before the roving shows up. When those boxes arrive, I want you to be able to whip out your spindle or wheel and get after it! (Unless you're the kind whose stash needs a certain amount of aging time in order to come into its own, and to speak to you about what its final creation might be. I'm still waiting to hear from some of my stashed rovings.)
Comment here or drop me an e-mail and lets get some spinning lessons going. That fiber will be back here before we know it!


  1. Was that me you are anonymously quoting about the cake icing? Because if not, I second it -- hanging out at the farm and playing with the animals and shearing sheep and petting alpacas is So. Totally. Worth it.

    Also, my poor spinning wheel has not been getting much love at all lately . . . I need to fire it up and spin some "practice fiber" before the good stuff is ready!

  2. Well, not so anonymous anymore! Thanks for chiming in, Chris! Can't wait for you to meet the new sheepies!

  3. Hey, great photos, and the promise of soon-to-come butter-cream-frosting-roving! See y'all next Saturday; I'm off to Pensacola....a little beach, alota baseball, lots of knitting time!


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