Spending a Holiday

How was your Memorial Day? Here at the farm, Ted has been working outside most of the day, while I, after the regular morning feeding and barn chores, stayed inside and rode herd on the internets. Ted has much more to show for his day than I do. Actually, the day isn't over. After dinner and before it gets dark, we intend to get a stretch of electric fence up in the north pasture to give our sheep flock a larger grazing area.

I just had to show off Ted's handiwork: the new compost bin. We love to use what we have on the property, and when a big tree blew down, Ted used the larger limbs to build the two-section compost bin. But with the donkeys and all the alpacas, I had that filled up in no time. It was time for a new section. Today he used some of the scrap lumber we've gotten from a friend who was tearing down an old house. Ted's lumber pile is like my stash. It lays around and makes him feel secure until he comes up with a project for it. Ted loves his lumber piles. Which is only fair, because, I love my stash. In fact, I think I'll go pet some yarn and roving right now.

And yes, there'll be a winner tonight and a new giveaway. Let's rendezvous here later...


  1. I'm jealous. Nice job, Ted!

  2. My husband's stash is wine. And we respect each other's stashes without judgment. Ted did a great job on the compost bin! I want one as well.

  3. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Nice job! We have no spare lumber and no building skills here, so our compost pile is hemmed in by square bale construction hay stacked 2 high. Whatever works, eh?

  4. Nice work, Ted! Hey, the alpaca countdown is hilarious. I just sit and watch it...My "vacation" today was spent picking and washing wool. Hmmmmm, I must be a process person.


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