This Sassy Yarn Needs Love

Wow. I'm really getting into this free giveaway stuff. I've combed the Red Barn again and found something that you just might like. Tonight's offering will spark your imagination, and get your needles (or maybe your loom?) clicking in anticipation: 3 balls of Skacel's "Czarina." A spicy pinky-red chenille with bits of teal and yellow. Zowie! 330 yards total. Now, that's a project in the making. Till 10 PM tomorrow night, leave a comment on this post and tell us about a yarn project you created that was the most loved by its recipient: Mom's shawl? Baby blanket? Kid's mittens? Boyfriend's cardigan? You know, the one that warmed your heart for days after the gift was given. Now, this whole exercise assumes that you have knit, crocheted or woven a gift for someone else. But I feel safe making that assumption, because you ladies are true givers. It's obvious. So, tell us the tale of the much-loved gift.

In farm news, your yarn harvest got a little closer to the mill today. Laurie and I (mostly Laurie - I have a very stuffy head and foggy brain today) spent several hours picking and sorting alpaca, Jacob and Gulf Coast Native wool, evaluating it for its future use. We could just send it off "as is," but that would end up costing all of us more in the long run, either in money or in quality of the end product. This is tedious work. Work I would never get done by myself. Today, Laurie gets the "Community Servant" award. Like Chris yesterday with the sheep meds. Jacob's Reward is definitely a group project. We all get high marks for "Works Well With Others." The reward is that the icing on the CSA cake is another step closer to completion. Woohoo!

Hey, BTW, I heard Dawn's "Knit Naturally" podcast today - she is a such a hoot. Give her a listen if you aren't already a regular fan like me.


  1. I've already won something, so I won't caim a win if my name is drawn. My favorite, best received knitting was a vest I made my younger daughter when she was about 5. Don't even remember what the yarn was, but it was pink with white snowflakes on the chest. It buttons up the front, and the buttons were her FAVORITE thing in the world. She loved that sweater sooooo much that she slept with it. What's sort of funny about it is that I made a pink sweater for HER daughter and needed buttons. She asked me if I remembered the buttons on "that pink sweater you made when I was little?" I told her yes, and I did her one better. I had the sweater in the cedar chest and gave it to her. She almost died of shock that I had that sweater. She's 32 now and still loves that sweater. Very sweet. BTW, I considered using one of those buttons (the new sweater only takes one button), but opted to buy a glittery, diamond looking button for my granddaughter's sweater. She LOVES it. In fact, she took it home and slept with it.

  2. I have not joined in until now because I was so busy pouting about not getting to come last Saturday. But Cindy, today’s query is one that I really enjoy and I just have to get over myself and join in. Hopefully I will get to meet many of you soon.

    One gift that I knitted for a friend was truly and gratefully appreciated—but not until six weeks after I gave it to him.

    I love to knit socks, and do so quite often sitting in the passenger seat of our truck while my husband and I drive across Texas to our gigs. I particularly try to get wool socks made for friends with diabetes. They provide a lot of cushion and keep their feet warm, both sorely needed when dealing with neuropathy. A couple of Christmases ago, I gave a particularly pretty blue and brown pair to a guy friend who had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Although I’m not a mind reader, his expression said it all. (“You could have knit me a vest!”)

    Then on a very cold February Saturday afternoon, I got an excited phone call from him. He had been working outside for most of the day and didn’t realize until it was too late that he had lost almost all feeling in his feet. There was no place nearby where he could quickly warm up. Then he remembered the socks. He admitted to me that the day I gave them to him, he wasn’t particularly excited and had put them in his glove compartment, where they had stayed, forgotten about until this afternoon. He quickly put them on, and in a matter of a couple of minutes, his feet were warm and toasty, and feeling began to return. Wearing the socks, he was able to get back outside and finish his work. The first thing when he got back home was call me to thank me for the socks, far more enthusiastically than he did the day he got them.

    He now keeps a pair in his glove compartment at all times, but for a very deliberate reason.

    I’ve given lots of handknit gifts over the years, but I think these socks were the most appreciated.

  3. You don't have to enter me either, seeing as I just won an awesome visor.

    I just thought I'd share my most loved yarn made gifts. I crocheted my best friend 2 baby hats for her new little girl. They're both on my ravelry page, but this one is my favorite: It's a "beary cute hat" pattern. They sent me a picture of her in it and it made my heart melt. It's a little big, but she'll grow into it. :)

  4. I really wouldn't know what was the most appreciated, but the most warmly received and then, bragged about are the 3 knitted or crocheted blankets (afghans, and 1 shrug I have given to my octogenarian friends. Somehow, those gifts felt the best to me, too. I still smile. And now, some are nonagerians, and still using the well-loved gifts. sigh.


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