A Visit from St. Nick

This will be quick - the Sandman has it in for me tonight. We just got back from our 20th anniversary dinner (sushi and sashimi) and movie (Star Trek rocks). Twenty years. Man. Good for us! We'll be signing autographs in the lobby...

Anyway, I came up to the porch to find this lovely package waiting for me. It's another door prize for the party on Saturday! Lovely spring-green batts aching to be spun! OK, it wasn't St. Nick - it was my friend Rita from Rita's Originals. She makes the most beautiful dyed batts, which in turn, make up into the most scrumptious yarns. You might have seen her stuff at the Wildflower Fiber Retreat or last year at the DFW Fiber Fest. Did I mention I have the coolest friends who offer the world the coolest products we can't live without? I'm telling ya!

Saturday can't get here soon enough.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Ted! Twenty years, wow . . . that's quite an accomplishment.

    Can't wait til tomorrow!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have a wonderful party on Saturday.


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