We Went Lookin' For...

And we did it in the rain.

I rarely leave the farm for a whole day, especially on a Saturday, but sometimes adventure calls, and today, we answered. We jumped in the truck and headed south to Whitney, west of Hillsboro, to meet a friend who is trying to find a sustainable purpose for a church camp that has fallen on hard times. My friend had also invited some guys from neighboring World Hunger Relief Farm to see the facility so they could determine if the camp might work into their program in any way. We toured the very serviceable facility (I'm thinking knitting camp!...), and got pretty damp in the process--steady rain. We saw several beautiful white tailed deer, turkeys, roadrunners, and other fauna. Then upping our adventure quotient, the truck got temporarily stuck in the mud traveling back after a jaunt down to the creek and pastures. We got downright wet, and a little muddy getting back up the hill. That camp with its woods and acreage has serious potential, and I can totally understand why my friend just can't give up on the place.

After a quick lunch at a local Mexican eatery, we headed back up I-35 and stopped at the Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival. Ted and I had been about 16 years ago, and always talked about visiting again. Emma was very interested in seeing it, and we wanted to see our friend Colleen, who has traveled with the Ren Fests around the country for several years. But it was muddy. Serious, hard-core mud.

Do I need to explain again how I feel about mud? I thought not.

At least the rain had stopped. We saw several really funny shows, ate some expensive food, and bypassed all the expensive souvenirs (whew). Emma's very interested in coming back next year dressed as her favorite "Legend of Zelda" character. Hey, dressing up is dressing up. She'd fit right in. That Ren Fest set is a whole 'nuther culture, and I was quite bemused by the number of people even on that late rainy Saturday afternoon who wanted nothing more than to slog around in period costume in slimy-slick mud and puddles. Wow. Amazing, it was't, think I. And PS - if cleavage was cash, I they could have bailed out Chrysler today. Yikes.

But the critters, and civilization, and actual pavement beckoned. We got home in time to feed and bed down the farm before dark. With joy, I realized that my mud was nothing compared to the mud at Scarborough.



  1. fun! a guy I work with works Scarborough on the weekends. you might have seen him!

  2. Do they still have the Mud Show at Scarborough? Hub worked out there when he was in high school, and has lots of fond memories . . . we've been every few years, but he says it never quite measures up to *his* Scarborough Faire! Luckily, too, it wasn't too hot yesterday . . . SF in the mud and the heat can't be good.

  3. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Great day! You need to tell your camp friend to get in touch with Matt and Jon and the-other-guy (whose name I can't remember) and talk to them about bringing a camp back. That's exactly what these guys did for Briarwood. It's probably going to take a sacred/secular mix like they offer at Briarwood nowadays to get it back up and running. He might also want to contact the Homestead Heritage group in Elm Mott; if they would host a sustainable living camp week there, I would be there in a heartbeat! Of course, he's near the heart of the Bible Belt (Waco); I'd be calling the big churches and asking them what camp facility their youth go to so he'll know what his competition is doing. He could, again, check the Briarwood website for the kids summer camp ideas. Then there's Baylor University in Waco. If I wasn't already so busy .....


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