Adrift Without the Internets

Emma and I are hanging out, outside the Starbucks that just closed, slurping up some WiFi.  I feel a little unhooked if I don't check in with you here on the blog.  

I spent some quality time with my spinning pals today, though I was mostly catching up on my computer work rather than knitting or spinning.  We finally got to celebrate Laurie's birthday, and Mary's, too, with chocolate cake and cheesecake.  Oh, yum.  It was a great show-n-tell day with folks showing off some gorgeous knitted treasures they have completed.  Someday, I'll get back to knitting.  (sniff.) Terri taught me more tricks with the Mac, and I'm just deeper in like with it.  Indeed, I think I'm hooked for life.

I'll share a couple of cute photos and then we're going to have to leave this muggy table on the
 sidewalk with dive bombing mosquitoes.  (See how devoted I am to you?)  

The boys had fun in the pasture for a couple of hours before Mr. Dewey got stuck in the (unplugged) electric netting.  So he was freed, and they were ushered back into the pen until I can get that fixed.  Don't want to risk any accidents.  They still sort of move as a unit around the pen and around the pasture.  I'll know they're really relaxed here when they wander around individually. 

OK.  Emma's turn on the computer.... TTYL.


  1. my dh gets lots of backside picks too! (giggle)

  2. did you hear about the tour de fleece? you should have gotten an email from me. if not, i will resend or check it out on ravelry.


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