Ah, Ms. Louet, Have We Met?

I've almost forgotten what my wheel looks like and feel like I need to be re-introduced. Farm duties have of late taken me away from what the farm is all about: fiber. Spinning it, that is. I've had my hands in a lot of fiber - scritching the critters at feeding time, skirting and sorting bags of wool and alpaca on the Red Barn floor as we work toward processing.
But I hadn't actually spun in a long time. I realized it was making me cranky. Wheel deprivation isn't a pretty sight. Last Wednesday at my spinning group, I actually finished spinning the roving that I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool - a lovely handpainted Blue Faced Leicester in greens, blues and purples by Gale's Art. I bought it specifically to get another chance to practice Navajo plying, so I could keep the color changes intact. So tonight, I'm going to try to remember how to make those crochet chains as I make a three-ply yarn. Wish me luck.

Tonight's photo is the "before" shot of the spun single. I hope to have the "after" picture tomorrow. Now, gotta go spin...


  1. Congratulations on remembering spinning! The spool is lovely, and the colorway is delicio--wait! I hear my Louet calling. GOTTA GO!

  2. Ooooo, pretty!

    My poor wheel has been very neglected of late . . . I'm hoping to get back at it soon (I "found" a bunch of fiber in my closet this weekend while looking for something else and trying to reorganize a bit), and my fingers are itching to spin!

    Also, how much more fiber skirting needs to be done? I'm always up for a fiber day . . .

  3. I just love those colors! Anxious to see the plied yarn.

  4. goody, there you were in my blog reader, just like you were supposed to be!

    what is "fiber skirting"?

    ad you know those little sweaters susie has on some of her critters? why? and does she knit them for each animal? do you put sweaters on yours. did you see the video she did on the sheep shearing? you need one. if i win a cam corder, i will be your camera person.

    are we having fun yet? YES!!!


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