Easy Pickins

Yes, it's getting warmer. But the morning was still breezy and pleasant and I enjoyed my chores. The sheep are learning the new routine for getting to the north pasture for breakfast, and the new Gulf Coast babies are getting more and more tame. Of course, Mary Elizabeth and Itzhak are quite tame, and Shadrach and Zacchaeus will nearly mow you down for a scritch, but the new boys needed some warming up time. I'm hoping that north lot will hold out with enough browse for the sheep so that their old paddocks can rest and get some new growth on. I'll do another fecal test in a few days to see how our worm load has changed.

The alpacas really love their box fans. In the heat of the day, they retreated to the shade and the breeze of the stalls, but moved back out to graze once the zenith was passed. I'm amazed really, at how much heat they can take under their fiber. Sure, they were just sheared at the end of March, but you can see it's growing back even now. The boys love a good blast with the hose on their tummies, and fight for the front position when I am filling up water buckets. Only Jonah hangs back, wanting nothing to do with the spray. To each, his own.

Brenda joined me today for some fleece skirtin', and grass pickin' fun. (Sorry, I took this picture with my phone.) We worked on Moonstruck's blanket and got most if it done. Another comedy of errors - Ted took the truck to run errands this morning, with my skirting table in the back. I totally forgot it was laying in the truck bed, so Brenda and I had to do without. Instead, we sat in the air conditioned Red Barn and picked fleece by the handful and worked a good ways through that big blanket of fawn alpaca scrumptiousness. Some kind of wonderful. It was a very special day visiting with Brenda and getting to know her better. What a dear, sweet friend!

I think we'll have an informal get-together to meet the new 'pacas on June 20 at 2 PM. We'll have light refreshments and a time to visit, knit and spin. Come meet your new boys!

And that's after the morning spinning lesson time that same day at 10 AM. Y'all come!


  1. aw, i wish i could have helped you guys. there are some moments in the day when i wonder if i will ever have dh behind the wheel again. so much for my whining.

  2. Darnit, I wish I could've come out yesterday!

    I'm definitely down for the 20th, if not before (esp if the sheepers need drenching again). I gotta re-learn that whole spindle thingy.

    Do you think Jonah remembers the squirty bottle treatment he got on Vaccination Day? ;)

  3. Way to go, Brenda! And Cindy! I think I'll do the rest of my skirting indoors. Not a bad idea, now that it's June...

  4. It was the most relaxing and COOL sitting and enjoying conversation with Cindy. Plus...running fingers thru lovely alpaca was just heavenly!!! :)


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