Finally, We Play with Yarn

Today was the first Saturday in quite a while with nothing in particular on the calendar. I had several choices, but in the end, I chose to stay home and attend to some long-overdue cleaning and organizing in my office. The "back room" has become the repository of a dozen abandoned project bags filled with luscious yarns and a bunch of crochet hooks and circular needles I had been looking for, boxes of family photos in need of sifting and organizing, Important Papers that need filing, geegaws, and odds and ends--all dusty and cobwebby in the corners. Not much floor was available for walking on, and all furniture was buried and unavailable. I'm the type who can only put up with that so long, and then my productivity and creativity begin to suffer greatly. I'd guess I've been productivity-impaired for about 6 months now... whew.

I devoted several hours to dig into the mess, and have made significant progress. My friends Peggy and John brought me a lovely low wooden bookcase that forced me to move all the junk to one side of the room, and begin the excavation work. I've pulled out many works-in-progress (WIPs) and rediscovered batches of really, really, nice yarn, which once were promised to awesome future projects. Do you have some of those, too? Some of those projects still capture my imagination, but some do not. I'm taking my cue from a Ravelry group I saw the other day, "Finish or Frog." I've made the decision to repurpose some of those yarn projects, and rededicated myself to finishing the remaining projects. For now.

But, and interruptions are an unavoidable part of life, I was invited to a baby shower tomorrow, and a handmade gift is in order. Battle stations: cruise Ravelry for a quick baby hat pattern, mentally inventory yarn for suitable material, gather needles and notions - deploy!

What I ended up with is a really simple, cute pattern by Elizabeth Morrison called The Jester Hat. And the yarn I used is one of the sun-dyed skeins I finished last week - the yellow-orange Knit Picks Bare yarn in a bulky weight. It came together very quickly, and I really enjoyed the knitting. Nothing fancy or complicated, but it has whetted my appetite for more knitting. Add to that the fact that I'm surrounded on all sides by beautiful yarn unearthed in the cleanup effort, and I can see myself sitting with the needles and getting some cool stuff done.

Speaking of getting cool stuff done, I've sent out feelers on the farm's Ravelry group about participating with Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm in their current benevolent project-- Yarn Storming. This is how you play: we send surplus stash yarn to a central location where it is redistributed to worthy knitters who can't afford yarn due to unemployment, personal tragedy, or other Bad Thing. Cash donations are also welcome to help defray postage costs to the recipients of the Yarn Love. The recipients will receive a box of goodies and a note informing them that they've been Yarn Stormed. Sound like fun? Here's the link to Susie's blog post about it with all the pertinent contact information. Her shareholder Nancy is heading up the effort to both collect yarn and also to collect names of worthy recipients. Please consider donating to this cause for our fellow knitters. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and often, via Priority Mail. Maybe the Texas Twisters could gather up one box to send together?

And to wrap up, here's a picture of my current sun-dye project: It will be several shades of green, as the different pigments strike at different places on the skein. I think this one will be kind of cool. One more day in the sun and I'll unveil it.

Have a blessed weekend! Stay hydrated!


  1. Anonymous9:27 PM

    All very pretty! I'm jealous that you got to play with yarn. Must remember to take a knitting project with me on the road when Ken is driving! Love the sun dyeing. Another fun thing to try!

  2. are all critters better today?

  3. Cool idea, about the yarn storming! Love your dying project. I must get one going too, it sure is hot enough and sunny too. I love your little hat, too. That yarn was gorgeous in person.

  4. Ooooh, please do keep me posted on the yarn storming thing, if y'all end up consolidating into one big box . . . I'm going to start going through my stash something serious in the next week or so, and will let you know what I come up with!

  5. I love the little hat! How cute is that? Ooh! I'm so jealous you have time to do these things! I need things like the Wildflower Retreat to get me going...

  6. I loved that little hat!!! omg, since I finished my scarf I was looking for some ufo's , there were two, a little bear puppet (that never could figure out how to make the head) and my tube tank top "coquette" that is in time out but I have this beautiful teal yarn.. so I pulled that off the needles on that tank top, and Im deciding if Im casting on again with the right size needle or use the pretty yarn to give a shawl a try....

    Since I was browsing my little box of yarns too, I found a gorgeous thick and thin hot pink. I casted on a little girl cardigan sweater... will see if that works!!! Im excited about trying to make a little sweater for Leilani.

    (but now I want to cast on that little hat, no babies on sight though LOL)


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