Fun on the Road

Short version: we're having a blast.  The drive to St. Louis (and O'Fallon, IL beyond) was great fun.  The Suburban drives like a dream and it's almost hard to remember that we're pulling a trailer.  Mary and I have enjoyed visiting and getting in a little knitting time.  Emma's being a really good sport, and waited 457 miles before asking how much further we had to go.  That's my girl.

We made good time and arrived in time to get invited to the rehearsal dinner.  The hearty fare included pulled pork, spaghetti, fried chicken, corn, mashed potatoes and bread.  I think my brother in law had something to do with the restaurant choice.  He doesn't eat anything green.  Great to see my sister, BIL, niece and nephew and all their kin.  Met the bride for the first time, too.  Great accommodations at my sister's in-laws house.
Today we'll attend the 1 PM wedding and then it's off to Missouri and Ann Mayes' house, to see our new alpaca boys.  We should get there well before dark, so we'll have time to see Ann's farm and all her 

The weather here is heavenly - I sure wish I could send some of
 this cool weather back home to Ted who's taking care of our animals. 
And, I hope the coolness holds while we drive the alpacas from Missouri to Texas in the trailer.

More updates from the road...


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