Houston, We Have a Problem

I've been getting some e-mails telling me that folks would like to comment on my blog posts, but the system doesn't let them through. I know this is true, because sometimes I have a hard time getting my comments to stick.

Has this been happening to you? If so, would you do me the favor of e-mailing me and letting me know about your experience? Maybe there's something I can do about it. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to sort it out. Your input here is very important to me, and I want to make it as painless as possible for you to jump in.

Send your "the dang blog won't let me comment" e-mails to ctelisak at juno dot com, and I'll start trying to get to the bottom of this.



  1. It's happened to me about 3 different times, randomly. Sorry I didn't email you then. I usually try again later.... I'll email you right away next time! So sorry to hear the vicious rooster that almost carried me off the other day is no longer with us. He provided alot of testosterone! He really was beautiful, and I loved his spunk!!!I'm surprised ANYTHING could get the best of him - except your right foot.

  2. It happened to me once last week, but I thought the problem might be on my end, not yours. :)

  3. I always have to type the secret word twice, but it has let me comment OK if I do that. My typing is bad, but I don't always get it wrong surely.

  4. Anonymous5:57 PM

    It definitely is persnickity for me. For example, if I select "Wordpress" for the profile, it usually won't work. But if I select "Open ID" and use my wordpress blog address, it works. Go figure. Most of the time, as long as I'm use Open ID, I don't have a problem.

  5. When I comment (which is rather sporadic -- I read blogs A LOT more than I comment!) I usually use my Google account. Like FiberGeek, sometimes I have to type the secret word twice and I don't think I've mistyped it as often as the comment area has made me re-type.


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