Jack Kerouac Meets Mrs. Greenjeans

Yeah, the three of us are set to hit the road bright and early in the morning, so if you're in Texas on US-75 stuck in southbound traffic, we'll wave as we go by, headed north.  Mary has the trailer hooked up and the Suburban gassed up, and I'm planning on getting coffee-ed up so that I can start out as the designated Fascination Officer (the gal riding shotgun with the responsibility of keeping the driver awake and alert).  Emma is in charge of taking along all the entertainment she can think of for herself.  She's stoically bearing the cross of being 12 years old and having to travel 10 hours each way with a couple of old broads, one of whom is her mother.  
And speaking of riveting entertainment, we will have Twitter along on the cell phone, and the laptop charged up and ready to blog, and we MIGHT even try to figure out how to podcast on the fly.  If we pull all this off, we may have to take more of these girly-fibery-road trips.  Farmer-geeks on the loose... striking terror in small rural communities across America with their prowess at social media networking and alpaca wrangling.

Hoo, boy.  Sorry, that's just the sleep deprivation talking.  Time to turn in.  Watch for updates from the road.  Over and out, daddy-o.


  1. 75 Northbounders!!! Everyone out of the way!!! Trail blazers coming thru!!!!
    Besafe you guys!!!


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