Yes, I have something of a reputation for hating mud. But I'll eat a little crow tonight and just say that I was mighty happy to have that 30 minutes of good steady rain this morning, and the accompanying cooler temperatures. Wow, what a relief.

I used my extra energy (coolness gives me superpowers) to put some interlocking stall mats down where the alpacas spend the heat of the day. The mats are more treasures from pals John and Peggy. When the alpacas hang out in the stalls, they move their "restroom" to the stalls and before long, the floors are in a terrible state. I'm experimenting to see how the mats keep the clay floors cleaner, and to see if the unavoidable cleanup is any easier. Maybe all this falls in the Too Much Information file...

Speaking of knitting (nice segue), and my renewed vow to work on Unfinished Objects (UFOs), I pulled out that cute little bolero jacket I started for Emma many months ago, and set aside for lack of a single yard of yarn. I just needed this much to finish the thing! Urg. It is a certifiable miracle that I have several balls of a nearly matching Lopi yarn, and I plowed ahead and finished with the substitute. You don't even notice it unless I point it out. And the big bonus? Emma likes it!! Now, if she will just stay this size until the weather cools off. Now, time to reach for another UFO... so many to choose from! (More pictures on my Ravelry projects page.)

The baby shower was fun yesterday, and the yellow hat was a big hit. The yarn will be bright and cheery on cold days. I really enjoyed how the yarn came out--the more I experiment with this dye, the more fun I have! Maybe I am OK at this sun-dyeing after all. Today I've been washing and rinsing my third batch of sun-dyed yarn. This time I used Emerald Green, but didn't mix it up too much. The resulting yarn has small sections of an emerald color, but a good bit of a turquoise as well, and some intermediary colors. Very ocean-y. What to make with 270 yards.... hmm. Guess it will have to age a bit before we know what it wants to be.

On the farm.... well, aside from the fiber prep that continues on and on, things are kind of quiet here. The hot summer really is a season that forces us to just sit down a minute and take a siesta. I think that's what has allowed me to luxuriate in some actual knitting and dyeing. In some much-needed cleaning and organizing here in the house. Shareholder Mary came by yesterday and we had a lovely visit in the barn while she contemplates owning a spinning wheel. Love those fibery visits in the Red Barn. The chickens are on an egg-laying sabbatical, and the sheep chew their cuds in the shade a good bit of the day. God's telling us it's time to rest.

So I guess I will. Manana, friends!


  1. I like the mats on the barn floor. I hope the guys like them the way they are...Cindy, your knitting is so verrry nice! You really should knit more often. I think I'll knit if I can get off the computer! Exactly who's cute face is that?

  2. I remember the bolero jacket! I'm surprised Emma hasn't already outgrown it as fast as she is growing! It is a nice color and a neat pattern for her. I'm glad she likes it. Stay cool!

  3. Love your posts . . . it's like a cool walk on a hot day. You take us all around the farm, the animals, the house, the family. Love it!!


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