So Busted from Cindy Telisak on Vimeo.

Little alpacas acting like hormone-driven teenagers are pretty funny to watch. This afternoon I was working in the front yard when I heard the unmistakable squealing-squawking noise of alpacas fighting. I peeked over the fence and sure enough, the little boys were in a roiling tangle of necks and legs, biting and writhing and carrying on. I ran into the house for the camera, sure that when I got back they'd be grazing in the grass and look up as if to say, "who, us?" But it was worth a try.

Sure enough, I got the camera out there just in time to catch the last fits of tantrum and then I learned something. Alpacas can look guilty. I think Mushroom knew he was So Busted. Everything stopped. Wow, even alpacas respond when Mom comes into the room. Of course, my presence also reminds them that it's dinner time, and we all know what's the most important thing that could be going on - eating.

It might be significant that the two boys who were doing the most tussling are the two oldest - Mushroom and Dewey - both Mary's boys. Dewey was one year old in May, and Mushroom turned one today! My two guys won't be a year old until September, and then their hormones are likely to start kicking in as well.

Something to look forward to.


  1. It looks like he was saying..."Whaatt? I wasn't do'in noth'in"! "Why are you looking at me, I am just standing here". LOL!!!


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