Carpe Diem

Time to seize the day, my friends, on many fronts. First of all, Ted has been out picking the feral mustang grapes that grow wild on our property, draping the cedar and hackberry trees - they are in full ripeness right this minute. These are good sized grapes with a tough, tart skin; sweet with lots of seeds. Perfect for jelly or jam. I expect to see the canning pots and jars out this weekend.

Me, I've started a sweet baby hat for our next church baby, Jemma, who ought to be born in the next couple of weeks. She won't need a warm hat for a while, so I'm trying to get the size to come out right for her to wear it this winter. KnitPicks had a nice alpaca yarn on sale in a coral/beige/tan colorway that appealed to me. I'll take photos of the finished hat soon. Have I mentioned how much I love my Harmony circular needles? Mmmm-mmmm good.

But most of my energy today went into cleaning DDs room while she's away at camp. I warned her I was going to do it, and she will get a bill for my services. When I really got into it today, it was clear that she would never have been able to get all the way down to the bones - it was really that bad. I will not let it get to this point again. I don't want to be a Joan Crawford harridan about teen-room-tidiness, but I think some basic organizational skills and hygiene standards need to be set. Anybody been through this? What have you found to be a good motivator?

That's how I'm attacking this time of our summer season - what are you doing to use this break in the heat?


  1. So cool that you have rogue grapes! And they look so good! We have wild dewberries, but they're so entwined with the poison ivy, we never get any.

  2. I haven't seen any of these in YEARS! They make the best jam & jelly!!!!
    When you figure out your technique of helping Emma...pass it on to me! I am looking around at my place....Argh! I need to apply this to my whole apartment!!!!!

  3. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Neato - grapes! How cool. And that yarn is pretty, perfect for a new baby!

  4. To maintain sanity with a teen, we decided that Thursday evening was room and bathroom cleaning night or NO WEEKEND FUN. At one point I actually created a poster that listed the steps involved in cleaning and the expectations. How to motivate said teen to follow this rule? Yelling and reminding do not work. Stand in door and announce deadline, then begin to "help" commenting on each item as it is unearthed from pit, talk about their lives and ask embarrassing questions during the sharing experience.
    Works every time ;)

  5. Funny!!! I used to threaten my younger daughter and tell her I was going to call the health department if she didn't clean up her room. She's 31 now and just the other day she said there were times when I reminder her of "Mommie Dearest." Hopefully I wasn't that bad, but . . . there were times!! In the end, both my girls ended up as really great adults, so I really can't complain much!

  6. Thanks for the support, ladies. Let's see how her first week home from camp goes. :-)


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