Dog Days

The heat drags on, and so we continue with indoor projects that require little physical exertion. Today I got some clean-ish wool and a prototype dog bed cover from Laurie, so I brought them home and tentatively assembled our first woolly bed. I am trying to see how much fiber it really takes to fill one up to a comfortable "squooshyness." And I dragged my poor Corgi, Robbie, out of his crate where he was already sawing logs for the night so he could give it a test run for me.

As you can see, his attitude was less than enthusiastic about the photo shoot, but I'm not taking that as a lack of endorsement for the dog bed itself. In fairness, the bed didn't fit him very well, as he is much longer in the body than I remembered; he could use the next size up as we design our cushions' dimensions.

Our plan is to pick up suitable fabric for the outer covers as we happen upon it, so the beds will mostly be one- or two- of a kind. Not sure if they will be available on-line or here at the farm, but those details are still being worked out. Stay tuned for news as it develops.

In the meantime, Robbie is outta here.


  1. That is one long doggie! Is he too long for the 32" bed? It really did look quite long. Lucky dog. We might need to make some crate cushions...

  2. Wow! I would love to have one....but with needs to be chew proof! She loves to chew little holes and start pulling out the stuffing!!!! I really hope she out grows has already become costly to replace dog beds!


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