Fashionably Late

I am always behind when it comes to technology, but many times it works in my favor. I end up spending less on the "latest" gadget because it isn't the "latest" anymore. So when I got that cool beetle-green iPod for my birthday, the only person around who took the slightest notice, was me. I'm still grunting up the learning curve, and making small advances.

So far, I have accidentally gotten some good podcasts onto the iPod, and managed to listen to them. Tonight, I deleted those and added a new set, including a video podcast that I used to watch faithfully on my computer. Now, I can tote Cat and Eric from LetsKnit2gether around in my pocket and watch them on this itty-bitty screen on the iPod. How cool is that?

And how Last Decade. But pish-posh, it's new to me and I think it's grand.

I could even listen to my own podcast on this weensy little machine! Amazing. Find it on iTunes or go straight to the site: (Sneaky plug.) Go get your iPod and squeeze it down that little wire and you can have it, too!

Now, lets rub a couple of sticks together and see if we can start a fire.


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