Feel Some Crochet Comin' On

Buoyed by my recent success at whipping out a baby hat at the last minute, I'm really in the mood to start a crochet project that is challenging enough to hold my interest, and yet simple enough not to require working in a sealed room. I'm hoping I've found that in Doris Chan's All Shawl. I have a good bit of organic cotton in a two-ply green and white (or better, khaki and natural) from Henry's Attic. This stuff is so soft and drapey I know it's perfect for this shawl. I'm going to start it tonight. Neener.

Didn't make any real progress on all the photos today. I forgot how much of the day I was going to be tied up, so I'll have to try another day. It's not like they're going anywhere.

Pal Jose and his crew came and mowed the place this morning, and helped me whack down the vines and shrubbery that obstruct my view of the pasture from the office. It just doesn't seem safe to me not to be able to keep an eye on the alpacas when I'm home. The final fix will require replacing the sagging fencing that was exposed when the vines departed. I have a couple of cattle panels that will go up in place of the bad wire, and then maybe the alpacas will help me keep the fence fairly clean.

It's so nice when Jose drives away, leaving a neat and tidy farm behind. Tall weeds and grass make me feel claustrophobic. Ick. Thank you Jose, for helping me get my peace of mind back.

Tomorrow, I have a little day trip to Arlington to look at a very interesting spinning wheel. It's called an Indian Head, and it's designed for spinning very bulky yarn or plying a couple of bulky yarns together. If it works alright, I think I'll buy it for preparing rug yarns and for plying my Louet bobbins together. You know I'll let you know how it goes.

On Friday, if we can connect, SuzyQ from Oklahoma may come by and pick up Zacchaeus on her way home from New Orleans! This is kind of a surprise as we didn't expect to be able to get him up there this early. But, when opportunity knocks, you'd better get your hiney out of the LazyBoy and answer the door. Suzy is doing just that. Her farm is coming together in front of her very eyes! Congratulations, Suz!

Right now, I've got to figure out Ms. Chan's inventive foundation chain...


  1. i like worsted to aran to buly yarns...i need to see there is going to be an end.

  2. I like that pattern. Bet it turns out nice with that yarn.


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