Have a Great Week!

I thought you might like to be sent into your week with the sweet smile of Mighty Micah, the tiny pocket 'paca. As the smallest boy in the bunch, he almost always has the submissive posture of having his ears pasted down behind his head. But he has a killer smile, doesn't he? (I may have posted this before, but I love it to bits.) When I finally get the boys into halters and get to working them, I'll get them weighed. I'd love to know if Micah is actually growing. He still looks so little next to his brothers.

Do you get a little melancholy on Sunday nights? I do some. I think it's a throwback to my school days, and Sunday night signaled the end of the weekend. We'd watch Ed Sullivan and know that when the show was over, it would be lights out, and then waking up on Monday morning, and off to school. Those early memories are hard to shake. In reality, out here on the farm, every morning starts the same, with feeding and barn cleaning chores--Sunday to Saturday, rain or shine, hot or cold. The only difference the animals may notice is that I tend to sleep a bit later on Saturday morning, and they cut me some slack.

I pray your week goes well, that you are successful in your endeavors, and that you get some time to rest, relax, exercise your creativity, and find joy in the little things. Let us know how it goes for you!

xo, Cindy


  1. That is a precious smile! Wonder what he is thinking.

    I always find Sunday nights very hard to sleep - can't decide if it's dread or anticipation about Mondays - even when there is nothing special planned.

    Ah well, adulthood - when spring and summer break typically mean more stuff to do.

  2. Anonymous7:17 AM

    I still feel that way on Sunday nights! Even more so this weekend...just seemed to fly by. No rest for the weary, eh?

  3. Ohhhh, what a cutie!!

    And yeah, I still get the Sunday night thing . . . and if I'm going to be hit by insomnia (like I sometimes am), it's usually on Sunday night. I've gotten into the habit of leaving myself a detailed list at work on Friday before I leave, so that I don't have to spend any time on the weekend thinking about what it is I have to do on Monday morning.

  4. It must be something about our upbringing - I was so melancholy last night and was wondering were it came from! You may have nailed it ...but back then I had to go to be after Wild Kingdom...*;{

  5. i can't wait to pet a lama...i agree he has a lovely smile


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