I am a Wealthy Woman

I measure wealth in intangibles: loving family, happy home, abundance of wonderful friends, good health, joyful vocation(s), and citizenship in heaven, to name but a few. Yesterday, I received evidence of all my riches many times over.

First of all, Emma helped me with my morning chores, which not only lightened the load, but gave me nice company. The weather was very pleasant, and rekindled my enthusiasm for farm life. Then I got to go with my dear friend Jill, her sister Carol visiting from England, and Emma to McKinney for lunch and some casual antique shopping. (Emma was infinitely patient and non-whining while the grownups wandered from shop to shop. I was so proud!) I came home with a lovely woven tea towel and a very old cardboard accordion cutting mat--a great sewing tool. Not to mention, a tummy full of the best chocolate creme pie for miles.

Yesterday evening, Ted came home and whipped up a beautiful supper of fresh-caught fish (thanks Debbie and Matt!!) and a birthday cake from scratch! While he and Emma were banging and clanging around in the kitchen, I just about finished off the crocheted shawl I started late last week (pictured above). This project was fun and quick, and I'm very happy with the result. Sometimes a girl just has to sit down and Make Something. Got that urge satisfied for a little while. Kind of tempted to start another one. These would be awesome Christmas presents!

Speaking of presents, I received the iPod I had asked for (beetle-green, of course!) for my birthday, and got Emma to help me load it up with podcasts. I tried to listen while I did chores, but I tended to get the earbud wires hung on the fences and door latches as I moved around the pens, and I also felt a little disconnected from the critters while I worked. My time in the barn and pasture is usually my time to look everyone over and connect with each of them, and to assess health and well-being. I may need to leave the iPod in the house during the regular chores. Now, if I ever get up the gumption to finish preparing the garden, you can be sure I'll be encouraging myself with some peppy music or inspiring oration, via my earbuds.

I know it's time to file a new Podcast, and I want to have your input. Are there any questions you have about the farm or our critters? Spinning or knitting? God or the origin of the universe? I'll see what I can come up with ;-) Let me know here and I'll try to address those things in my next 'cast.

Thank you for the richness you add to my life! I pray I might bless you right back!


  1. Congrats on all your riches - so richly deserved! I think of you every day as I work on my current green shawl project. Love the All Shawl that you are doing.

    I agree, there's a time and place for everything and for ipods it's not in the barnyard. Some things just aren't meant to be multi-tasked.

  2. Yes! yes! yes! to all of your blessings. By the way, you blessed me first! And I thank you.


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