I Love Growing Things

If today wasn't the hottest day so far, it's up in the top five. Really blistering today. But we started out at DD's horseback riding lesson, before the sun really got a grip on the day. She doesn't mind if I come watch once in a while, and I like to shoot a little video so she can see how much she's progressed in her three years of formal lessons. It's time for a Mom's Brag video:

She's growing. And growing up. (sniff)

Mid-day today I got to go visit my friend Mary at her new place out in the country. Mary and her husband have purchased 15 acres where nobody has curbs or privacy fences, or even much concrete. Mary and Ken are jumping into the hobby farm life with both feet. All their free time now is spent preparing the outbuildings and fences for their new livestock (alpacas, goats, chickens, rabbits and guardian dogs) and the little house for their eventual habitation. I totally understand where she is right now. See my blog entries from 2007 which chronicle our "remodel" of this farm homestead. Our friend Kate met us out there and we all walked the property talking about potential uses of the barns and sheds, and where to put cross fencing.
It's a lot of work and it will take time, but it's so stinking FUN! Oh, and money. It always takes money. I've certainly spent my share, and will continue to invest in our place.
And that's how we help things grow - we continually invest time, money, effort and emotion. Over time, we see progress and change. Growing. I can't speak for Mary, but I grew, too, in that project of moving out of the suburbs (or, out of Egypt, as I like to call it). I learned that I really can affect more change than I ever thought possible. I learned that things that look fixed might not be so fixed, and can be adapted to our purposes. I've begun to learn how not to take "no" for an answer, or at least how to propose lots of other options when I hit roadblocks. For someone like me who grew up taking orders most of the time, this is a big step. 'Bout time, too, if you ask me.
Can't wait to see how Mary's place will look in a year, or five. Hang in there, girl! It'll be so worth it!


  1. Well said, Cindy. And tell Emma, she looks like a natural on that horse!

  2. Emma looks great on the horse! Good job Emma!
    And Mary's place will be amazing too! I can tell she is a women with a lot of "drive"! I can't wait to see all her efforts too down the road.

  3. Thanks for the photos! I can't figure out how to see the video...


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