Doctor's Orders

I really love to spin, me. Why then, is it that I don't allow myself more time for it? I have several theories. One: my inner whipcracker sees all the undone "work" around the place and says, "no playing until all the work is done." Two: my inner nine-year old is too easily lulled into a coma by the legitimate and illegitimate hours spent on the internets. Three: my inner perfectionist won't allow me to leap into anything I might not do perfectly the first time.

I know, serious therapy time. Try not to judge me.

Fortunately for me, one of the best therapies is spinning. Today several members of my Wednesday spinning group met at a member's house since the church where we usually meet was tied up with Vacation Bible School. Three of us carpooled over to Keller to meet with others for our regular spin/knit/kibbutz/show-n-tell time. I took my alpaca baby hat for in-the-car knitting, and then some stash roving and my Louet wheel for the balance of the day. I made some progress. In my stash were several oddments of green rovings. In order to get enough yardage out of the lot, I tore the rovings into small pieces and spun the different shades of green and brown in random order. So far, I really like the resulting single. Now, plying. The decision before me is whether to Navajo ply the bobbin, or find a neutral or coordinating single laying around to ply with. I do have a taupe single, wound in a center pull ball on a paper core, of unknown fiber, that might do the job. Looks like a swatch is in order.

What are you spinning that you like right now? Why don't you spin as much as you'd like? Do you battle an inner killjoy of some kind? Maybe it's just me... ;-)


  1. I mostly spin all the time. I actually feel a little guilty sometimes that all I do and all I want to do is spin. Beats poking someone in the eye! Right, Cindy? I get obsessed with rovings,fleeces, colors, textures, something new, something needed to be finished, something different. It's the most product addiction I've ever had. I haven't spun in 3 days, but I've been knitting. Spinning is my reward. It is also my meditation. My prayer time. My centering. So, go ahead, reward yourself. Frequently. I believe you probably accomplish more in a day than I do in a week. Or maybe our days just look different. For me, spinning IS an accomplishment. It's not just my therapy. I can actually turn this yarn stuff into money, lately. That's quite a treat! So, I dare you to spin more. I'm going to go spin right now! See ya at the wheel!

  2. I don't spin as much as I'd like, and for just about the exact same reasons as you cite!!

    I'm still spinning the red "mystery stuff" I was playing with at your place; I need to try and finish it tonight, though -- I'm going to a craft retreat this weekend and I want to take my wheel, but I will have to fold it up to transport it this time, which means taking the maiden, etc, off . . . I'd really like to finish the bobbin I'm working on before I take it down!

    Which brings me back to this retreat! I'm looking forward to it mainly because I will have no excuse for just sitting at my wheel all weekend long! :)

  3. Laurie, I am definitely like you in that I often describe spinning as a form of meditation. There is something rhythmic and peaceful about it that almost immediately puts the brain into an alpha state. But CIndy, I am also like you in that I don't allow myself to spin near as much as I would like because I have to get "the work" done first. If I strictly adhered to that, I would never get any spinning done! Thankfully, I allow myself to be a slacker every now and then.


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