A Little More Rain

...and the temps dropped again. Wow. Heady stuff. Didn't accomplish much except getting DD closer to ready for camp. Of course, Sunday is church and lunch with pals. Then I stopped at Target on the way home, mid afternoon, and went into my usual Big Box Store Coma. Started buying all kinds of stuff that I had thought of at one time or another - a new set of sheets (our 2 sets are older than DD), a novel to try to read (I hear it's good for me), a set of tiny little hair clippies (to use as crochet stitch markers), a funny birthday card for DD (tomorrow's the big day), camp stuff like bug spray and laundry markers - you know, a bizarre assortment of things. Came home and went into the Sunday Afternoon Daze Coma. Not quite as restful as DH's full-out-log-sawing-pillow-drooling-nap, but I got a few e-mails answered and DD's suitcase packed.

But at chore time, I got to enjoy the coolness that the latest hit-and-run storm left behind. How lovely. Cleared my head and gave me some real peace. I'm gearing up for an interesting week with the place to myself - DH at work and DD off at camp until Saturday afternoon. The trick will be balancing work and play, knitting and animal care, organizing and... uh, reading. I don't sit still very well so I hope this book turns out to be interesting.

(Rainy day photos by E. Telisak)


  1. Wow, those are great pictures. Happy birthday to Emma! Glad someone got some rain. I think we got a tiny bit this morning here in the mid-cities, but we sure could use some more. Hope Emma has fun at camp and you have fun at home on your own!

  2. LOL! One of the pictures looks like a chicken with no head!!! And, I love the one with St. Francis protecting the entrance.
    Great pictures Emma! Have a gret time in camp.

  3. Great photos E, Happy Bday! Hope to swing by again soon-


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