The Long, Long, Very Fun Day

I have just now waved goodbye to SuzyQFarmer, Lovely Sierra, and St. Frank the Tolerant as they pulled out of my driveway. Riding in the back of their mini-van is Zacchaeus the Babydoll, on his way to his new life in Oklahoma. Suzy found the biggest plastic dog crate I have ever seen, and there were a couple of tense moments when we weren't sure how we'd get the thing to fit back in the van once it was fully assembled. In the end, the engineers worked it out, and the family was on the road to complete their long road trip home from New Orleans. That was the cap on the end of a really nice day here at the farm.

We started the day getting Emma to her riding lesson very early. This encourages me to get up and get the chores done in the coolest part of the day. Nice.

Our first visitors of the day arrived: Mary and Ken, on their way to their new property in Farmersville, wanted to stop by and say hi to their two alpaca babies, Mushroom ('Shroom) and Dewy. It was sadly, just a quick visit because we all had places to be. Before long, it was time for me to drive over to The C0lony to get my hair cut. I haven't had a regular hairdresser in quite a long time, but this young gal is sweet and really knows her stuff. It's also an excuse to hang out for a little while with our friend, Shareholder Laurie who lives close. A nice break in the farm routine, and a splurge for this sweaty farm girl.

Next up, I was so pleased to entertain a couple of wonderful ladies who had found the farm on Local Harvest. Turns out, they are already fans of Susie Gibbs (so they must be Our Kind of People), and some of the really nice yarn shops here in our area. They asked if they could come out and get the tour and shop at the Red Barn for fiber and yarn. Absolutely! Laurie and her cousin visiting from Kansas were absolutely delightful, and I think we'll see Laurie out here again as soon as she can get away, and take a spinning class! They met all the critters, and seemed to be quite smitten. (I'm sure it's mutual. The critters love attention.)

Meanwhile, Ted was in the kitchen doing the quintessential summertime kitchen thing: canning tomatoes. We haven't gotten any fruit off our vines yet, so he bought 5 pounds of tomatoes and went at it, hammer and tongs. His yield for all his time and effort was just under 2 small jars of tomato sauce! So back to the store he went for enough tomatoes for another couple of batches. Again, heat, spices, blender, lids and rings, mess, and.... 4 jars of sauce. But they're homemade with love, and we'll enjoy every drop!

In between all these big events, I managed, with Laurie's phone-in helpline, to get the All Shawl started. I think the pattern will be a nice relaxing one to keep me going, and the end result will be quite stunning. I'll keep you posted.

All in all, even with Zach's bittersweet parting, today was a really nice kick off to the long holiday weekend. Happy Fourth of July, y'all!


  1. Anonymous11:32 PM

    I'm glad we got to see Zach before he left. It was also good for Ken to see the boys! After we left your place, we went to the Stay-Tuff dealer and bought our fence wire. Rumor has it that United Rental in Greenville rents tractors and brush hogs and discs. We're thinking about discing our pasture ourselves. The adventure continues!

  2. Good-bye, Wee Little Man!! He'll love Oklahoma! What a great day on the Farm! And tell Ted that him look and sound divine. By the way, Great haircut, Cindy. Poof it up and let's meet at "The Shops at Legacy" just because we can. Happy 4th!

  3. I tried to type this: "Tell Ted that his tomatoes look and sound divine." I'll take advantage of that preview button from now on. Really.

  4. Sounds like a great day. Love canning tomatoes - plain, salsa, green tomato relish. It's all good!

  5. That can't be Sierra in the picture with Zach because there's no pink! Unless there was a picture on the front of her t-shirt....Suzy, have fun with your new buddy! Does Ted give canning lessons? A happy and safe 4th to all.

  6. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Anna, there was a bit of pink in a flower on the front! :)
    He's been a trip so far...what a lovely sheepie he is. so friendly and loving and he wants attention most all the time. Perfect for a little girl who wants to spoil her lamb!


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