Project's Progress

Sometimes it's nice to sit for three hours at the auto repair place. IF you have your knitting, that is. I took our truck in for a brake job this morning, not thinking it would be very long, and boy was I glad I had tucked Jemma's hat into my purse for the ride. I really like our mechanic, and his wife who runs the front office. Jill and Dave in Wylie (All Pro Autocare, if you're interested) really know their stuff and are so helpful and affordable. And they have a comfy sofa in the waiting area, so I just made myself at home and stitched and stitched while Jill and I discussed topics of major and minor cosmic importance. Some mixup with the parts guy caused the extra delay, but I didn't complain; I never get three uninterrupted hours of knitting time anymore. See how much I got done?
There's just something soothing about knitting around and around with sweet yarn on awesome needles (Adi Turbo bamboo, now). Jill kept apologizing for the long wait for the truck and I just smiled and kept knitting. Reminded me of what Stephanie Pearl-McPhee says: knitters aren't patient people, knitting helps us be patient. If I had just had to sit there for 3 hours, regardless of Jill's conversational skills, I would have gone bonkers! Keeping my hands busy gives me peace...

And I've been really wondering: What are you working on? I'd like to feature some Finished Objects, or some Works In Progress, among our friends and shareholders. If you'd like to show off your latest project, e-mail me a .jpg image, with a description of the project, who it's for, what you're making it out of, all that kind of stuff, and I'll share it here on the blog. Send it to ctelisak at juno dot com.

Remember, Christmas is closer than we think. If your needles are clicking, get your camera out and get some knit cred for all your labors of love.

We want to SEE!!


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