Quiet Week Ahead

Ahhh. We've slipped into that gentle part of the summer where the temperatures begin to move off of the ridiculous peaks and at least level out to the bearable range. Highs forecast for this week top out in the low 90s, which means here on the tree-dense farm we may not even see 90. There's a bit of rain in the forecast as well - welcome in small doses. Not a bad outlook.

DD is back from camp, full of fun stories of zany camp activities and sporting only a minor injury - pulled her shoulder a bit, and we hope that will be mended quickly. It did not dampen her overall experience and she's already missing her new friends and her counselor, and talking about next year. Her leader and cabin mates are talking about getting together this week to build on their camp fun and continue their friendship. That's the way camp ought to be. I'm so grateful. And I'm happy to have her home. The quiet was great, but I really did miss her.

Every day here there are projects to be tackled. Right now, DH is working on a new chicken "tractor," the movable, floorless pens we keep chickens in, out in the pasture. Our current pens are full, so to increase our chigger patrol and egg production we need to get more birds, and more birds will need a place to live. This tractor is DH's own design, and I can't wait to see it completed. I'll keep you updated.

Our friend Mary is progressing right along in her move to the country, so before I know it, she'll be here to fetch her two suri alpaca boys, and take them up to Farmersville. She'd better hurry, because I'm getting mighty attached to the little toots. They've calmed down a lot and will all eat out of my hand. All are enamored with the hose now on hot days; they've figured out how much more comfortable they are with wet legs and tummies, standing in a little breeze.

I'm trying to steal a little knitting time here and there between To-Do List obligations. I'll get little Jemma's hat done soon, I think. Then it's back to tackling more UFOs (unfinished objects). Are you working on anything neat? Send me a photo!


  1. Glad DD had a great time at camp and is back safely.

  2. Just wanted to drop a quick note - if you are fan of the Yarn Harlot, please note that she is going through a bad time with a fan who has taken to filling the internet with, well, hate. I saw it in my reader today, and got another note via Ravelry about it. So if you are a fan, maybe you might want to 'shine a light' on the YH. (and if you aren't a fan, that's okay too. I'm just not a fan of the internet as a tool of anything but information, truth, light and compassion).

  3. Boy, I hear that, Carol. My mentor, Susie Gibbs is going through a tough time too. We do take risks when we raise our heads up above the crowd - people who dare to do amazing things become targets.

    But the fans outweigh the detractors, and we can turn the tide. I'll add Stephanie to my prayer list today. What a mess.


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