Rachel's Mantle

I'm very excited to show you our first Farm design, using Jacob's Reward Farm yarn - the "Rachel's Mantle" neckwarmer! It can be worn three different ways! This gorgeous pattern was designed by our own Joanne Pohlman, an accomplished designer and a JRFF shareholder! This design will be available soon, and she tells me it's not as hard to knit as it looks. (Always a plus!) Joanne asked her friend Deb to test-knit the pattern, and Deb has a nice picture of her finished project on her Ravelry page.

This beautiful piece deserves a better photo, but I was in a hurry to show it to you and let you know the pattern is coming. It will be for sale for a very modest price, and will also be available in kits once our extra fiber comes back from the mill. "Extra" means that the fiber came from other local alpaca farms and was not a part of the shareholders' harvest. Our processor, Lynn at Spinderellas, makes the most beautiful yarn this side of handspinning, and the kits for this small, exquisite project would make incredible gifts. I'll let you know as soon as they are available.

Warm up your needles, gals...


  1. This is gorgeous! But as a born and raised southerner, I have never heard of a neckwarmer. I would love to see pics of the different ways it can be worn.

  2. Hey Peggy! Neckwarmers serve the same basic function as a scarf, but with a whole lot less bulk. Plus, this one is extra fancy and "dress-up" styled. The different ways to wear it center on the different ways to button it. There are more button holes than you can see right off. We will have pictures of the different buttoning options with the pattern. The link to Deb's Ravelry page shows another option.

  3. I like it a lot! Joanne did a great job.

  4. Thanks all, for the nice comments. Cindy you did a great job with the photo. The pattern will come with a chart too, made by our friend Liz. Thanks Liz. This has been a community effort. :) Of course, patterns usually are that.

  5. Thanks for the mention! I can't wait to wear mine, and with the way our weather is up here I may not have to wait long! It was a joy to knit and the yarn is lovely and luscious!


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