Rain's Comin'!

Just when we didn't think we could take it one more day, the chance of rain finally appears in the forecast. Our temps could drop from the low 100s to the low 90s. That's the difference between life and death, sometimes. I lost a hen today - couldn't find anything wrong with her from looking. I'm chalking it up to the heat. I've been letting the girls out early in the day so that they can find the places on the property that afford the best shade and breeze, and access to anything that wards off the hot air. One thing they love to do is dustbathe under the shrubs in the garden. I think the shaded dirt is cool and feels good to them. But the hen who died was in the coop when she expired, without a mark on her. It may remain a mystery.

The alpacas still seem to be holding up alright. I'm so thankful that we'll be getting a break in the next few days. I did want you to see why it takes so long to clean the fiber on these naughty boys. Moonstruck, in particular, loves to roll on the ground. Sometimes, he's rolling in the dirt to help fend off parasites or to cool himself with the dirt. Other times, he's trying to claim his food pan and defend it from his brothers, by rolling on it. Because of the stuff stewn around the pen right now, he comes up from a good roll looking like a hay bale on four legs. Over time, this is going to mean lots of picking once the fiber comes off at shearing. He is a very naughty boy.

I am hoping to have a new podcast out before the weekend's over. I've been busy working to get Ms. Emma ready for camp next week, and you know what that means. Buying new clothes and writing her name in all of them. It's a super dorky thing to have to do, but what choice does a mom have? I comfort her by telling her that she's going to have the time of her life.


  1. Wow, you weren't kidding about the rain. Woke me straight up here at 3am, and not just a shower. But winds, winds, winds - an all around frog choker. With thunder too! A wild and woolly night. Friday could be as low as 94!!!!!! For the HIGH!!!! Wait, is it September already?

  2. So sorry about your hen. We used to lose them like that even when it wasn't hot and it's always sad.

    Glad you are getting a break from the heat! I know the animals will sure appreciate it and after the 100's, the 90's will feel great!

  3. The thunder and pouring rain woke me right up! It was quite a storm. And we're all so thankful for it! So sorry about the hen--you always hate to see that happen, I know. But I know you're doing all you can to give them some relief from the heat! My girls loved camp (Camp Crusis, I believe it was back then) and could hardly wait. My older daughter still has pajamas with her name written in them--in her 30s and she's the world's biggest pack rat, I swear!!! Enjoy the cool temps today!! See you manana. :O)

  4. Anonymous4:41 PM

    I'm sorry you lost a hen! :( Poor girl. I'm sure everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and the rain, we sure are! Don't even mind the mud so much...


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