Rug or Placemat?

The answer will depend on two things: 1) how long my attention span holds out and 2) how long my cotton yarn holds out. The first is the most critical.

I had some friends over for a bit o' knittin' in the Red Barn this afternoon, and I've learned that it's best to work on a simple project with no counting or fancy stitch patterns while I visit. My jaw starts flapping and my mind goes off on a dozen tangents, and before you know it, I've royally messed up my stitches. Today was no exception. Thought I'd try some simple crochet - the movement and rhythm of crochet stitches are soothing to my hands. But I was trying to crochet a hexagon, and that involves counting and Getting It Right. I tore out my work at least three times. Finally, just before my friends left, I switched to an oval shape. I've been saying I'd like to make a cotton rug. It's a simple shape I can manipulate as I go, by sight, rather than by counting. So I got a bit of a beginning going, just as everyone was heading out the door. I continued working on it after dinner tonight and have a decent piece shaping up.

But the question is - how far will it go? Will I give up when it's only big enough for a placemat? (Good grief, then I'd need FOUR! No way.) It's not thick enough as it is to be a decent rug. I could crochet an identical oval and sew them together around the edge... No, that would mean doing the same thing twice and I'm here to tell you - it ain't gonna happen. Besides, I'm not using a pattern, and the chances that the second piece would match are pretty poor.

I've had an idea. I'll crochet the whole thing once, and then sew a matching piece of felt sheeting to the back for thickness. I can tie it in places like a quilt to keep the two layers together. Easy peasy. Promise I'll let you know if it gets done.


  1. Lord knows you've got enough stuff to make felt with... Good luck!

  2. I actually have the felt ready to go. Except I may dye it first. The sheets I have are natural colors, which is fine, but I'm thinking the backing for this rug might be nice in .... (wait for it) GREEN!!

  3. Oooh! I like this! Pretty!


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