A cool, steady rain kept us comfortable today. The chickens were a little ticked because I kept them cooped up, but experience has taught me that coyotes also like this kind of weather. It's safer and easier on me if everyone just hunkers down in the coops on gloomy days. I didn't mind the rain at all, because we need it so badly.

This morning I saw on how our neighbors down in Austin are hurting from one of the worst droughts in 50 years. Boats in Lake Travis are sitting on dry land. Severe water restrictions are in place. People are ratting each other out on the 24 hour anonymous whistle-blower hotline for overwatering. Ranchers are selling off their herds because there is no pasture to feed them. It's bad.

We, on the other hand, aren't too far behind for rainfall this year, I believe. My grass is growing, the cracks in the clay soil have filled in, and several species of fungi dot the pastures. I will not complain. Nope. We could get rain on and off all this week, with reasonable temperatures up to the mid 80s. Grateful, I am. Grateful.

I do have a little bit of culture shock when I go into town and walk around on sidewalks, with the rainwater running obediently off into the storm drains. It's all so tidy in town.


  1. It is sad in the southern part of Texas, I agree. However, I emptied 2 inches of rain out of my rain gauge this morning before my early walk.

  2. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Rain, rain, go away! Come again after my fence is built!


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